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The Dee estuary (and golfers)

Wednesday 5th January 2022, 12.20pm (day 3,786)

Dee estuary and golfers, 5/1/22

Anybody who thought I might spend a second consecutive day of bright winter sunshine ‘working from home’ obviously doesn’t know me very well. I guess the same applies to these three guys, though they enjoy here a form of sporting entertainment that’s not for me.

This is taken on the west coast of the Wirral peninsula. The river is the Dee, and the land in the background is Wales. Visible on the horizon is Moel Famau, where I spent a rather good day last June, doing the same thing as I did today — bagging a County Top walk. I guess this counts as a photo where one can definitely see the territory of two different countries, as long as you non-Britons accept that England and Wales are different places (which they are, in many ways).

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December morning

Friday 5th December 2014, 10.10am (day 1,198)

December street, 5/12/14

The Wirral — the peninsula on the other side of the Mersey from Liverpool — might not be the most glamorous place in the world but this is a spectacular debut on the blog. I am very pleased with this photo, it came out exactly as was intended when I took it, and that’s always a pleasing thing.

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