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Strawberry Field, forever

Thursday 11th February 2021, 11.25am (day 3,458)

Strawberry Field, 11/2/21

So I was just passing through Woolton, a suburb of Liverpool, today, and passed these gates to the Salvation Army children’s home of Strawberry Field. Around the corner, on Menlove Lane, grew up a certain John Lennon, who used to enjoy the annual Sally Army parties, where the brass bands played and he would play in the garden. In 1966 he began tossing around some ideas for a psychedlic pop epic about these memories — and the rest, you probably know. The original building was demolished in the 1970s, but it still functions as a visitor centre and, as you can see, attracts the occasional pilgrim.

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Gro├če Freiheit, Hamburg

Friday 9th August 2013, 9.40pm (day 715)

Grosse Freiheit, 9/8/13

Although it has managed to sneak onto the ‘Best of the Rest’ page thanks to an aerial photo (of Frankfurt) this is Germany’s first proper appearance on the blog: and this is probably its most notorious street, the heart of Hamburg’s red-light district. Well, why not. You gotta do these things now and again. Actually compared to Amsterdam’s it’s rather tame, though interesting. Clare’s sat to my right as this picture was taken, in case you were wondering.

The neon guitar in the background, by the way, marks the site of the Kaiserkeller, one of the host venues for the Beatles’ now-legendary Hamburg gigs in 1961. Probably if you counted the number of people who claimed to be there, it’s in the several millions by now.

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