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The Goole giraffe

Saturday 7th August 2021, 12.55pm (day 3,635)

Goole giraffe, 7/8/21

Taking photos for its own sake means that almost anywhere becomes interesting on a first visit. When the destination is a landscape of industrial decline, on the scale of this one — the town of Goole, in East Yorkshire — there’s enough to keep me going for the whole day, and it’s a shame, in this case, that I just restrict myself to one photo per post. This is my choice — the first giraffe to appear on here? Well, it looks like that to me.

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Path no more

Sunday 15th November 2020, 12.40pm (day 3,370)

Crosby dunes, 15/11/20

As good an illustration of the encroachment of sand dunes as you could show to a geography class. That sign is of current design and cannot have been there all that long, but of the ‘shared path’ which it once indicated, there is now no other evidence at all.

The docks are those of Liverpool, by the way. Did I stay at home today? Nope.

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