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The lights on Spring Gardens

Friday 9th December 2022, 3.30pm (day 4,124)

Spring Gardens lights, 9/12/22

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s coming up to Christmas. Manchester city centre gets frantic at this time of year and in recent times I have done my best to avoid it: in fact I only have one more day there scheduled for 2022. The proprietors of this posh store on Spring Gardens (where all the stores are posh: next door is Vivienne Westwood) go for it every year to this extent; this year there’s the added layer of statement, that energy bills are just something other people have to worry about. But it does look pretty: even with the back of a ‘No Entry’ sign in the way.

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Uni: the rot continues

Friday 12th March 2021, 8.45am (day 3,487)

Uni rot, 12/3/21

Going into Manchester gives my step count a boost and makes me feel like I’m doing something for the students, many of whom have travelled a very long way to be there and still been imprisoned for months on end in halls like the George Kenyon Building (a row of its windows forming the top of this image). But it’s depressing, all the same. In places, the rot has firmly set in. “How will you change the world?” this billboard asks. The question is an ever more pertinent one.

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No entry…

Monday 18th January 2021, 4.25pm (day 3,434)

No entry, 18/1/21

… to pubs, or anywhere else, until Our Glorious Leader decides. The only person with whom I had a face-to-face conversation today, family members excepted, was some paranoid stoner who started hurling abuse at me as I walked to the shop. Other than that, deadness. Do we have a government — a society, even — so lacking in wit or intelligence that this is really the best we can do?

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Path no more

Sunday 15th November 2020, 12.40pm (day 3,370)

Crosby dunes, 15/11/20

As good an illustration of the encroachment of sand dunes as you could show to a geography class. That sign is of current design and cannot have been there all that long, but of the ‘shared path’ which it once indicated, there is now no other evidence at all.

The docks are those of Liverpool, by the way. Did I stay at home today? Nope.

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A metaphor, possibly

Monday 28th September 2020, 12.30pm (day 3,322)

Road sign metaphor, 28/9/20

This is a factual statement.  The road past our house has been closed for weeks while some vague ‘improvements’ take place on the moors.  But perhaps this shot is also metaphorical.

Either way I really hope the phallically-challenged moron who roared past this sign later at 60mph in his Porsche was actually heading for Keighley.  To have seen his face.

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Mysterious writings

Wednesday 8th July 2020, 9.40am (day 3,240)

Mysterious writings, 8/7/20

The message on the one side is clear enough — but the bin? More proof that others are starting to lose it thanks to lockdown? Or perhaps they have always been the same.

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Plant crossing

Friday 9th March 2018, 9.20am (day 2,388)

Plant crossing, 9/3/18

Decided I’d better put in a photo from Manchester just to prove I do still occasionally show my face there. I know this sign doesn’t mean what it seems to mean, but there’s always something mildly amusing about this idiom. Each generation of kids anew must look around them in trepidation when they pass one.

It was also nice to depict an outdoor scene without a crust of winter over it. Quite a pleasant day in Manchester, in fact.

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Sign outside my house

Wednesday 3rd January 2018, 7.25pm (day 2,323)

Road ahead closed, 3/1/18

Why is this sign here? No idea. They never tell us anything. Perhaps it is purely metaphorical….

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A rather pointless road sign

Friday 17th March 2017, 8.55am (day 2,031)

Pointless arrow, 17/3/17

This alley heads off Cross Street in Manchester and then ends after about twenty metres in the blank white wall of the building you see ahead. That building must have been built quite a while ago now, like in the 1970s at the latest. No car or other vehicle has come down this street in a long time. And as the double yellow lines imply, you aren’t supposed to even use this as a lay-by.

So why the arrow? Why a nice, bright, reasonably freshly painted ‘turn right’ sign (when Cross Street isn’t even one-way)? Answers on a postcard to Manchester City Council please.

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Ghost bus, Portland Street

Friday 13th January 2017, 3.30pm (day 1,968)

Ghost bus, 13/1/17

Sometimes the light is right as I am walking to the office in the morning. Sometimes, like today, it’s better in the evening. So it goes. Why a ‘ghost’ bus? Well, there are no passengers on it; and the route indicator says something weird, like ‘Logistics’ which definitely isn’t a district of Manchester.

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