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Sunday 12th January 2020, 5.20pm (day 3,062)

Marley, 12/1/20

Marley is the latest candidate for ‘honorary pub dog’ at the Railway, and here takes a brief rest while eyeing up the humans, making his strategic decisions as to which might be amenable to the offering of treats and affection.

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Joe on a Sunday morning

Sunday 10th November 2019, 9.50am (day 2,999)

On way to station, 10/11/19

Following my lament about the day’s football match on Saturday’s blog post, I shall not depict it — but here is Joe on his way to it, on a very pleasant November morning.

Golly, look what tomorrow is — day 3,000 of the blog. It would be nice to mark this with some momentous journey of some kind, but it ain’t gonna happen, as I will be spending the day working here in Hebden Bridge. But as with every other day on here, I will do my best — let us see what the light brings.

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Awaiting the busker

Sunday 18th August 2019, 12 noon (day 2,915)

Awaiting the busker, 18/8/19

An empty stage, with a performance presumably to take place shortly — whether the gathered audience are in the mood for it or not on a Sunday lunchtime.

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Sunday morning footie

Sunday 12th May 2019, 11.15am (day 2,817)

Old Earth footie landscape, 12/5/19

The football season comes to an end. At the very top, everything is won by those with the most money; at the lower levels, not necessarily. The Waiters Arms team in yellow shock their previously undefeated opponents, FC Panda, 2-1 to win the Mel Owens Invitational Cup on this sunny Sunday morning. You might not care, but 100 people turned up to see this.

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Entrance to the cathedral

Sunday 25th November 2018, 11.00am (day 2,649)

By Regensburg cathedral, 25/11/18

I claim that this blog is apolitical but it is hard to avoid touching on certain subjects sometimes. Why does this kind of thing still happen in a world where there are enough resources to lift everyone — and certainly, at least, everyone in a very rich country like Germany, and a very rich part of it, like Bavaria — out of poverty? We become inured to it, it becomes normalised, until we don’t even see it any more. Maybe that’s all I can say with this photo: here it is, still.

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On a Sunday afternoon walk

Sunday 28th January 2018, 3.45pm (day 2,348)

Waiting dog, 28/1/18

“Come on a walk, they said. Lots of balls and squirrels to chase, they said. Hmmph. This don’t match my idea of fun. There aren’t even any crisps to eat.”

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Sunday afternoon

Sunday 5th June 2016, 4.25pm (day 1,746)

White Lion yard, 5/6/16

Sunday afternoon, and a lazy one. Well, it was a very warm and sunny day and the last few days have been busy enough.

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Joe does very little

Sunday 22nd May 2016, 1.30pm (day 1,732)

Joe chillin, 22/5/16

Not every day will be exciting, eventful or photogenic — but I’ve come to realise that does not matter. This shot epitomises today — a pleasant Sunday spent doing not very much, and I feel we are all the better for it.

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Sunday market, Hebden Bridge

Sunday 7th February 2016, 11.35am (day 1,627)

Sunday market, 7/2/16

Limited horizons today, and don’t expect much else to change over the next couple of days either. It’s marking season. And the weather continues revolting — this is as good as the day got. There have been about half a dozen sunny days in three months, if that.

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Steve and Tara in the Railway

Sunday 13th April 2014, 4.15pm (day 962)

Steve and Tara, 13/4/14

These two have appeared on the blog before, several times each — though not, I think, together; which is odd because together is how they always are. Of all the human/animal couplings I know Steve and Tara are the most symbiotic.

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