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Boring, but with effects

Tuesday 30th May 2023, 10.45am (day 4,296)

Office with star effect, 30/5/23

Having walked around eighteen miles yesterday, I did not leave the house today and got on with necessary work, stuff like online teaching (two of those), marking (lots), etc. Exciting it was not. Playing with some effects on my relatively new camera was as much as I managed. This is a truly naff image, I accept that, but so went the day.

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Mark in his office

Thursday 4th May 2023, 10.10am (day 4,270)

Mark in office, 4/5/23

Another photo of a pack member — in a sense. Mark is one of the colleagues with whom I work most closely. We were recording a podcast this morning, hence the microphone.

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Lancaster House, Princess Street

Monday 16th January 2023, 2.25pm (day 4,162)

Lancaster House, 16/1/23

There still doesn’t seem to be a great deal going on in Manchester, but at least the light was good today. Lancaster House stands on the intersection of Princess and Whitworth Streets, and is a good example of the Victorian tendency to stick these grandiose flourishes at the top of any given commercial building. Does it assert some kind of dominance, or did they just have a lot of stone left over? Either way, I like it.

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The lights are on but (still) nobody’s home

Wednesday 19th May 2021, 9.05am (day 3,555)

Empty office, Booth St, 19/5/21

Booth Street, Manchester. This is the most public of workplaces, floor to ceiling windows on the ground floor. It has lain empty for 15 months now. Today, the lights were on — yet still no sign of occupancy. The ‘evacuation point’ sign seems somehow meaningful.

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Me on screen with Jack

Friday 19th March 2021, 10.55am (day 3,494)

Teaching with Jack, 19/3/21

A whole morning spent sitting in my office, talking to my Mac (with a vague assumption that there might be some people listening out there in Zoombie-land). This is what we call ‘teaching’, these days. Overseen by Mr. Jack Nicholson, whose image (or perhaps, more precisely, R. P. McMurphy’s) makes its third appearance on the blog (see also here and here) — as many as my mother, by now. Well, it is a very good movie. And book.

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End of the week

Friday 15th November 2019, 4.30pm (day 3,004)

Friday cleaning, 15/11/19

It’s the end of the working week but there’s still some cleaning up to do, after the mess that everyone else has left. Symbolic of things in my own week? I’ll leave that up to you to ponder.

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Martin, in my office

Monday 16th July 2018, 11.30am (day 2,517)

Martin in office, 16/7/18

Three weeks remain until I take my summer holiday, and there’s still plenty of work to do. Martin visited today as I have been a research subject for his project on pedestrian behaviour, which is far more interesting than it sounds. A mundane shot, but a mundane day.

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Summer no more

Tuesday 5th September 2017, 11.45am (day 2,203)

Rain from office, 5/9/17Joe and his fellow 14-year-olds returned to school. I returned to Manchester. It threw it down. There went the summer…. This picture is dull, I know. But it’s meant to be.

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Students point cameras at me

Wednesday 13th April 2016, 1.45pm (day 1,693)

Playful horse, 12/4/16

Teaching has restarted after the Easter break so I guess I should put in the occasional appearance on campus. It’s also that time of year when the assignment kicks in on the video production course, and some students develop an urge to point cameras at me and others for educational ends. Shen (left, from China) and Gatya (Indonesia) here anticipate that I will be able to talk about something interesting over the next ten minutes or so.

A rare appearance on the blog for my office: the sharp-eyed may note the newspaper cutting on the wall celebrating Brighton’s League Cup victory over Manchester City in 2009. And why not.

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Georgia and Boris wait for the meeting

Tuesday 28th October 2014, 4.30pm (day 1,160)

Georgia and Boris, 28/10/14

Well, sometimes I have been known to work for my crust. My colleagues appear by now to be competing to make an appearance on this blog, Georgia complained audibly today that she’d never been on it — whereas Boris has, once before (in November 2011, a picture I still like). So there you go G — you made it…

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