Weavers’ Cottages, Calder Holmes

Tuesday 28th February 2012, 8.40am (day 187)

Weavers' houses, 28/2/12For various reasons, including the fact that my Mac (and thus iPhoto) has gone to the shop for some surgery, I wanted to get today’s shot in early. So that meant grabbing one on the way to the station; just as well then that I don’t seem yet to have run out of things to capture, photographically, in this town. These houses are right by the canal (which runs behind the fence, unseen in this shot), and the arrangement of windows was so that they got plenty of light so that weavers could use them for their literal cottage industries in the early 19th century. Apparently.

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Today’s guest lecturer – Morgan Spurlock

Monday 27th February 2012, 2.10pm (day 186)

M&IL_class, 27/2/12

It’s the 15th consecutive day in which I’ve left (or not been in) Hebden Bridge. I’m tired. I needed someone else to teach the Media & Information Literacy class, and in this incarnation, Morgan comes cheap and is quite entertaining.

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Pylon landscape

Sunday 26th February 2012, 2.30pm (day 185)

Pylon landscape, 26/2/12

Run a line of pylons through the Lake District and there would rightly be outrage, but though there will be purists who will not even concede this point, the moors to the south of Hebden Bridge are so bleak that at least these metal monsters make the landscape more interesting. I have no idea where these lines of towers come from, or where they march off to; they just stomp across the land for miles along the road from Cragg Vale to the M62 on Saddleworth Moor.

Today marks the start of the second six-month period of this blog – and thus we are at the halfway point. Yes folks, I am forty-two-and-a-half years old as of today. Because I am something of a statto, I feel obliged to share with you the information that:

  • of the 185 photos to appear on here so far, 87 have been taken in Hebden Bridge; 32 in Manchester; 11 in the Lake District; 9 in Moscow; 9 in Bergen; 4 in London; 4 in Morecambe; 3 each in Leeds, Helsinki, Amsterdam, and in unspecifiable locations from aeroplanes; 2 each in Brighton and Littleborough; and 1 each in Lancaster, Tampere, Haworth, Stockport, Wetherby, Dunsop Bridge, Halifax, Walsden, Whalley, Liverpool, York, over the Øresund and – above – near Ripponden.
  • Neck-and-neck in terms of the most popular hour for a photo are 11:something and 16:something, with 22 each, then 14:whatever, with 18. Only 3 photos have been taken before 7am, and only 8 at 8pm or later; no photos at all have yet emerged from the hour of 21:00 – 21:59, though three have been taken later than 10pm.

Anyway, so. I have as much to do as I have done so far. We’re halfway through. I’m still enjoying it: I’ll keep doing it if you’ll keep reading it.

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Grand Opera House, York

Saturday 25th February 2012, 2.20pm (day 184)

Opera glasses, 25/2/12

I could say that we were here, with Joe, to see Rigoletto or something equally cultural but actually it was Spamalot, the Monty Python musical. More fun than an actual opera, anyway. I am very happy Joe likes Monty Python: it shows that the sense-of-humour genes have been passed on.

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Mirror in the Railway, Friday night

Friday 24th February 2012, 8.00pm (day 183)

Railway mirror, 24/2/12

Back home. Was supposed to be going out in Manchester tonight but the gig was postponed, or cancelled, or I got the date wrong, or something. Anyway, when that happens, that’s what locals are for.

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Off the coast of Denmark (or is it Sweden)

Thursday 23rd February 2012, 3.10pm (day 182)

Øresund, 23/2/12

Was worried today was going to be a tough one to fulfil, with just a morning sat in an office and then a plane journey home: things to see, but nothing that was going to be particularly new on this blog.

However, the scenes on the journey home were spectacular today, particularly the second flight into Manchester which, with fiery sunset and the glow of the towns below, through the clouds, looked almost like the Day of Judgment. But it was too dark for photography through a plane window. This shot from earlier in the day, however – of the Øresund, the narrow strait between Copenhagen and Malmö – definitely hit the spot.

By the way, this shot is late because I’m having major hardware problems at the moment. Posts over the next week, at least, are likely to emerge erratically.

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Lille Lungegårdsvannet, Bergen

Wednesday 22nd February 2012, 4.25pm (day 181)

Lille Lungegårdsvannet,  22/2/12

This is an artificial lake in the centre of Bergen, by the art museum. It’s actually not that cold here (although the weather was still revolting today), but there’s still this scrim of ice on the surface of the lake, enough to support these birds’ weight and provide a nice optical illusion effect to add to the other nice patterns and colours on this shot.

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Bergen, from the plane

Tuesday 21st February 2012, 3.25pm (day 180)

Bergen, from plane, 21/2/12

It’s not a bad place to come and work for a couple of days, is it.

The peninsula to left-centre of this photograph is the historic city centre of Bergen. Mount Fløyen, which you saw on 27th November, is the low-looking hill to the far left, below the snowline.

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Temporary office accommodation

Monday 20th February 2012, 5.35pm (day 179)

Temporary office, 20/2/12

Must say I approve of this recent trend, of the establishment of temporary office accommodation – offering free wi-fi and refreshments of an alcoholic nature – at several points on the way home from work. Just the thing for the tired professional who wants to marry his unfortunate need to do more work with his understandable need for a beer. The service pictured here is provided by the White Lion, Hebden Bridge. There are others. Any one would have been welcome after a day that started early, finished late, and I still have to pack to go back to Norway tomorrow.

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You’ll Never Walk Alone

Sunday 19th February 2012, 4.25pm (day 178)

The Kop, 19/2/12

I’m not a fan of Liverpool FC – this is obvious from this blog. I do not believe they have some divine right to success, or to be better thought of than other clubs. And today’s result, which I forebear from mentioning here, was disappointing – to say the least.

However, you would have to be a total cynic not to feel a little moved by the sight of the Kop End while ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ is playing. I am glad I was able today to pay a visit to one of the truly legendary venues of world football, still here, not yet torn down to be replaced by some identikit stadium on an out-of-town site, better for the moneygrabbers who now determine the course of the sport, but with no history, no soul. Anfield might be cramped, and rather old-fashioned these days, but it definitely has soul. There is no denying it.

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