Maria-Carme on the Nordnes peninsula

Friday 7th June 2013, 10.25pm (day 652)

Maria Carme, 7/6/13

Maria-Carme is my hostess/contact/employer/friend in Bergen and almost every trip I have made here during the course of this blog has been down to her, so it’s about time she made it onto the site. As you can see, she has a great look, and this photo also deserves to get on when you consider a) the time it was taken and b) the amount of daylight still in the sky. So much light here at this time of year, so much to see.

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One thought on “Maria-Carme on the Nordnes peninsula

  1. […] graced it back on my last visit to Bergen in June, Maria-Carme becomes the latest in a run of people to make their second appearance on this blog. […]

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