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A is for Apple

Thursday 24th October 2019, 1.35pm (day 2,982)

Red apple, 24/10/19

Hard to caption this photo as anything much other than ‘APPLE!’. For appley (apply? Apple-y?) it most certainly is. Not that it’s sitting comfortably on this tree any more; it was definitely picked today.

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Wasted windfall

Friday 7th October 2016, 9.30am (day 1,870)

Windfall, 7/10/16

Thanks to the very good weather over the last few weeks (though it changed today), there has been a huge crop of apples this year. Our garden tree has produced so many that for the first time ever we have a surplus. Not as much as this tree however — or rather the tree implied above the upper edge of this shot — which resides on campus, near my office, and unfortunately isn’t the agricultural territory of anyone in particular so all this windfall has gone to waste.

Off on a trip tomorrow…. a new city and new country for the blog. Come back to find out where…

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The last apple

Sunday 5th October 2014, 2.35pm (day 1,137)

Last apple, 5/10/14

It’s still noticeably not autumn, at least, in terms of what weather we would normally expect. However, most of the produce is now gone from the garden. The leeks are still growing, and visible, out of focus, in the foreground of this shot; but the only other remaining thing is this one apple, not yet windblown and hiding in its own little corner, hoping we will not notice and pick it.

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Apple blossom (in December)

Wednesday 18th December 2013, 11.25am (day 846)

Apple blossom, 18/12/13

Maybe I have seen apple blossom flowering in north-west England, in December, before. But if I have, I didn’t photograph it. Well, there you go. It’s been mild…

(POSTSCRIPT: my mother, fount of knowledge on all things botanical, suggests this is probably a winter flowering cherry. So there you go. It’s still been very mild, however.)

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