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Steve, in virtual life

Monday 21st February 2022, 11.25am (day 3,833)

KF and Steve, 21/2/22

Before 2020 I never minded doing online teaching, because it offered variety, and was not the only game in town. But there are limits, and I probably reached mine about this time last year. Fortunately, a sense of Real Normal has largely returned. This particular class was always designed to be an online session — when it works, use it, when not, get face-to-face. Steve, one of my PhD students, peeks his face out from his virtual cell.

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Chinese pronunciation class

Wednesday 8th December 2021, 1.25pm (day 3,758)

I have to stand up in front of a full room next week and intone the names of at least a hundred Chinese people (amongst others); so this was a professional development opportunity that was worth the time. If the recording of this session ever gets out, however, I suspect we will go viral and be a source of hilarity on Chinese social media. A dozen or so middle-aged white academics being tutored by the very patient Luxi (pictured, as she encouraged us to place our lips correctly for the first syllable of ‘Yuxuan’), mangling tones and generally embarrassing ourselves. But at least it was only a rehearsal.

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Tools of Monday

Monday 7th December 2020, 10.35am (day 3,392)

Work at home, 7/12/20

The allocation of Mondays as designated stay-at-home days seems to have become a set pattern. Tools of my particular trade: the Mac, the backup disk, and we are at the time of year where the 2021 diary needs to come to the fore. It ain’t high adventure I know, but at the moment it’s what there is.

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MacBook (there went my day)

Monday 13th March 2017, 6.25pm (day 2,027)

MacBook, 13/3/17

With all due respect to its intellectual and conversational benefits, a day teaching at home online is not going to be the most exciting day photographically. Never mind. In a week’s time I shall be on my way to Japan.

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Teaching online (late)

Tuesday 3rd March 2015, 8.15pm (day 1,286)

Online class, 3/3/15

Spent the whole day doing this stuff, without leaving the house, so you weren’t getting a photo that does any more for your lives than giving you a chance to inspect the accoutrements that surround my home workspace.

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Watching ‘The Wonder Boys’

Thursday 18th July 2013, 9.05pm (day 693)

The Wonder Boys, 18/7/13

There’s not a lot going on at the moment. It’s still sunny but I’m just sat at home writing, trying to finish my book. So I entertained myself in the evening by watching a film about a middle-aged male academic who is, er, trying to finish his book. I’d say life imitates art, but Michael Douglas’s character struggles with this task more than I am. And yes, that is my foot.

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Martin Scorsese

Monday 19th December 2011, 1.25pm (day 116)

Taxi Driver, 19/12/11

That I was sat on my bed watching Taxi Driver at 1.30pm is sign enough. That I decided this picture best encapsulated the day says more still. Well, I’m on vacation. I had a huge supermarket run later and made a bloody good dinner, if it makes you feel any better.

Is Scorsese’s 5 minutes in this movie the best director’s cameo of all time, or what? “You see that woman at the window? That’s my wife. But that’s not my apartment…. You know who lives there….?”

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Working in the attic

Sunday 28th August 2011, 9.50am (day 3)

Attic, 28/8/11

I like my house. I wouldn’t have been here more than 10 years, otherwise. Although it’s on a main road, and bits of it have a tendency to fall off now and again, I like the fact that it’s not some identikit Barratt Homes bollocks. I like the way the sun shines into the attic in the morning and turns it golden. I like that I can work here and not have to trug into Manchester every day. There will be many days over the next year where the defining feature is that I spent most of the time here. But I hope that will never be a problem, as it has not been for the last decade.

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