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Joe at college, or maybe not

Tuesday 5th January 2021, 3.45pm (day 3,421)

Joe's rendering, 5/1/21

So schools and colleges had one day of life and now Bojo has said they’re unclean, like the rest of the country. So Joe gets to spend the next six weeks, maybe twelve, at home, while algorithms and their creators bicker to be given the right to determine his future. Conviviality and intimacy are things of the past, getting further away all the time.

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Where I spent the day

Tuesday 18th March 2014, 7.15pm (day 936)

Rocking chair, 18/3/14

Sometimes it is still possible to spend the working day sat in a comfy chair in a wood-paneled (well, sort of) study, reviewing the manuscript of a book. Counts as work for me anyway — it’s my book — but doesn’t lend itself to very exciting photography.

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