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Arundel Castle walls

Sunday 23rd October 2016, 10.45am (day 1,886)

Arundel castle walls, 23/10/16

Arundel Castle in Sussex dates from the 12th century, and is a great study in just how much power and privilege remains on this smallish island off the coast of Europe. The castle walls are monstrously immense. This place is like Gormenghast, a vast fortress rising above a small town above, but otherwise relatively isolated, ruling over a huge swathe of countryside. Most countries got rid of their aristocracies a hundred or so years ago, of course, but we in England haven’t got round to it yet, so this place is still lived in — the home of the 18th Duke of Norfolk.

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Balcony, Hotel Pelirocco

Saturday 22nd October 2016, 11.45am (day 1,885)

Pelirocco balcony, 22/10/16

On a gloriously sunny Saturday, there are many worse places to be than by the seaside in Brighton, believe me.

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Chequers pub, Brighton

Friday 21st October 2016, 10.35pm (day 1,884)

Chequers pub, 21/10/16

It’s Clare’s birthday on Wednesday, one of those significant ones — or rather, one that we culturally choose to assign significance to because it has a zero at the end. Anyway, the celebrations are taking place in various locations over the next few days and start this weekend with her & I going down to Brighton, where this shot is taken. It’s a mess I know, but so are most things by 10.35pm on a Friday night out; the time makes this the latest shot on the blog since June 2015.

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Thursday 20th October 2016, 12.15pm (day 1,883)

DMIL class, 20/10/16

It’s nice to see I can still have a reasonably engaging effect on my students…. (with help today, I admit)…

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Snug bug

Wednesday 19th October 2016, 12.50pm (day 1,882)

Snug bug, 19/10/16

I think this ladybird looks quite snug and comfortable on its apple tree leaf. Winter is coming, though… better get inside somewhere, beetle.

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Circle Square rises

Tuesday 18th October 2016, 9.40am (day 1,881)

Circle Square, 18/10/16

Point one’s camera in almost any direction in Manchester these days and one will hit a building site. This particular one — to be known, once complete, as ‘Circle Square’ (you have to cringe just a little bit) —  is on the site of the old BBC building. Creative destruction….? Something to record, at least.

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Another beautiful morning

Monday 17th October 2016, 8.40am (day 1,880)

HB station, October, 17/10/16

It really has been a fine run of weather over the last two months and still shows no real signs of becoming unpleasant. My train to Manchester this morning was 15 minutes late and I cared not at all, just 15 minutes longer to hang out in the sunshine and take pictures.

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This year’s habaneros

Sunday 16th October 2016, 1.50pm (day 1,879)

Habaneros, 16/10/16

Look what’s been ripening away beautifully on my bedroom window sill while I was away in Prague. This house is now self-sufficient in habaneros. You want some wicked fresh chili peppers, this is the place to come.

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Post-match press conference

Saturday 15th October 2016, 5.10pm (day 1,878)

Keith Hill, 15/10/16

Rochdale FC’s manager Keith Hill takes questions from representatives of the local media, who, for some unfathomable reason, included me amongst their ranks this afternoon. His team had just beaten Bury FC 2-0, but that didn’t necessarily make him the jolliest of interviewees.

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Nutclough castle

Friday 14th October 2016, 4.50pm (day 1,877)

Nutclough castle, 14/10/16

This shot is taken not twenty yards from my house, but I think it sustains a suitably Eastern European feeling. Particularly with the bats — or whatever — circling ominously above.

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