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Feet up (and lousy movie)

Sunday 28th March 2021, 5.45pm (day 3,503)

Feet up, 28/3/21

The rain came down, so another exciting weekend day was spent inside, thanks to Our Glorious Leaders still reckoning that indoor entertainment options will cause us all to shrivel with plague, or something. But, won’t this change as of tomorrow? My view is — don’t hold your breath.

And this movie was awful, by the way. I won’t name it. But if you can take what might have been a quite interesting plot twist and still make it as boring as the rest of the day, then that was quite an achievement.

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Joe welcomes the new arrival

Thursday 9th April 2020, 12.45pm (day 3,150)

Joe new laptop, 9/4/20

When in prison, the arrival of the mail is always a big event. Joe gets his major input of the day with the delivery of the latest in a series of information processing devices. Well, there’s not much else to spend money on at the moment.

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Secluded study spot

Monday 12th August 2019, 11.30am (day 2,909)

Laptop in library, 12/8/19

Back to work after a ten-day break, the sort of day where drastic measures must be taken to crank the brain into gear. Like concealing oneself in a very secluded but studiously decorated spot and pretending not to be on campus.

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First lecture of the year

Wednesday 12th September 2018, 9.55am (day 2,575)

HNAP lecture, 12/9/18

Notes on laptop? Check. Camera? Present, obviously. Bag of plums for distribution? Check. Students? Well, some of them. Even if they are members of uni staff on the ‘Humanities New Academics Programme’. Here we go through to Christmas, either way.

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Waiting to talk to people

Wednesday 4th June 2014, 12.35pm (day 1,014)

Seminar, 4/6/14

Not every photo that makes it up here is picked for artistic reasons (some would say that few of them are). The point of the choices is also to try to epitomise a day somehow. And I spent most of today in rooms, talking to people, while cruddy drizzle came down outside.

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A spot to work

Thursday 25th April 2013, 10.15am (day 609)

Back of Kookaburra, 25/4/13

Well, I do work now and again you know. Spent most of the day sat right here, hiding away in a spot with no wi-fi to distract me.

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Old Government House, QUT

Friday 22nd March 2013, 9.45 am (day 575)

Old Government House, 22/3/13

This building sits within QUT’s campus. It was the first seat of government of the state, built between 1860 and 1862 and in use as the state parliament until 1910. It is now mainly used as a cafe and a nice place to take the weight off one’s feet, sit in a shady spot and check social media (or whatever). Which is a decent way to evolve as a building I guess.

And yes, though I like this photo, I know it would have been even better if I had centered the doors at the back exactly between the pillars.

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21st Century Nun

Monday 14th January 2013, 2.00pm (day 508)

21st century nun, 14/1/13

In case you thought I was just here to soak up some rays (though it’s a valid reason to travel, I admit), this picture is taken at the KAPC campus, our collaborative partner here in Nairobi. Evidence that much of Africa has totally skipped the landline era and gone straight into mobile. I wonder how the world would be different if Alexander Graham Bell had tried using radio for his communications experiment instead of copper wiring.

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The new laptop

Tuesday 13th March 2012, 3.40pm (day 201)

Clare and Joe and laptop, 13/3/12

Clare has been semi-bereaved lately by the slow death of her little netbook. It’s visible in the background, neglected and dying, because its shiny new replacement arrived today, and everyone at home was much happier. Kind of like when the puppy comes back from the vet’s.

As 200 days have now passed on this blog I have updated the Best of the Rest page with some more photos that didn’t quite make the ‘one a day’ cut.

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Temporary office accommodation

Monday 20th February 2012, 5.35pm (day 179)

Temporary office, 20/2/12

Must say I approve of this recent trend, of the establishment of temporary office accommodation – offering free wi-fi and refreshments of an alcoholic nature – at several points on the way home from work. Just the thing for the tired professional who wants to marry his unfortunate need to do more work with his understandable need for a beer. The service pictured here is provided by the White Lion, Hebden Bridge. There are others. Any one would have been welcome after a day that started early, finished late, and I still have to pack to go back to Norway tomorrow.

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