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Stir-fry ingredients

Saturday 6th December 2014, 6.20pm (day 1,199)

Stir fry, 6/12/14

It says a lot when you get a photo of my dinner, or rather dinner-to-be, as photo of the day. But on a grey, dull and uneventful December day, this was a splash of colour and form, at least.

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Winter solstice celebration

Wednesday 21st December 2011, 7.20pm (day 118)

Solstice meal, 21/12/11

24 people from the neighbourhood gathered in the ex-pub over the road to eat good home-cooked food and drink wine. Call it a ‘Solstice celebration’ (for today was the shortest day of the year), or a pre-Christmas get-together; it doesn’t matter, the good food and the good emotions remain either way. This is Christmas, for me: forget the presents, the best thing about it is the excuse it offers to push the boat out a little further and indulge in some really excellent eating for a few days. Tonight’s meal was great, and I didn’t have to lift a finger.

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