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The completed tattoo

Sunday 20th January 2013, 7.05pm (day 514)

Completed tattoo, 20/1/13

Instead of more of that snow crap, here’s a more personal view on current events. Clare here helps me focus the definitive pic of the completed tattoo, first prefigured way back on 3rd September, and subsequently completed in five sessions, of an average of four hours each, of various degrees of pain (the most recent one, on Friday evening, being a shading session of exquisite agony).

Some people have said – ‘but you don’t get to see it!’. The thing is, I do. As much as I see my face incognito, at least. But I know what I look like, I don’t need to see it every day to remind me, and I think I look just fine.

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More pain

Wednesday 21st November 2012, 11.05am (day 454)

More pain, 21/11/12

The torturess is still working on me. We’re about three-quarters done. You’ll see it properly when it’s finished although that might not be until after Christmas now.

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Ink Landscape

Tuesday 30th October 2012, 12.55pm (day 432)

Ink landscape, 30/10/12

Tattoo, stage 2. It’s still not finished. It’ll be worth the pain, that’s what I keep telling myself.

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Tattoo, stage 1

Sunday 30th September 2012, 6.40pm (day 402)

Tattoo, stage 1, 30/9/12

Worked at home on a dull and rainy Sunday so not much to take a photo of. You might as well see this, therefore. It’s just the outline, the detail and colour will be added next time, after this has had time to heal. Which, going on how itchy it is, it’s doing properly, I just wish it would speed up a bit.

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Dispenser of pain

Tuesday 25th September 2012, 11.30am (day 397)

Clare the tattooist, 25/9/12

We are still above water, for now. Let’s move on to other things.

This photo is not bad considering I was slumped forward, half-naked, on a bench, sticking my camera over my shoulder and shooting blindly, while in the middle of a four-hour session, the first half of which was marked by stoic acceptance, the second half by suffering and pain. Yes, my tattoo is under way. This is Clare at work, you may see here again in a few weeks’ time.

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Tattoo consultation

Monday 3rd September 2012, 6.45pm (day 375)

Tattoo consultation, 3/9/12

I have a few small tattoos, not that any of  you have ever seen them properly. (If you look very closely you can just see one on my right bicep – or left, as it appears in the mirror – of the self-portrait of me in the gym last October.) But I’ve decided I’m getting another one, a fairly big one. This will give me something to document here, at least – there will be at least three planning and pricking sessions before it’s done, over the next few weeks. And yes, what you see on the right is, more or less, what it should end up like. Consider it a preview, if you like.

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