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Friday evening, Dublin

Friday 31st May 2019, 5.50pm (day 2,836)

Dublin pub, 31/5/19

Friday evening, and Ireland goes to the pub. The inscription on the glass raised a smile.

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Glass in restaurant

Friday 7th August 2015, 7.40pm (day 1,443)

Glass, 7/8/15

Because this blog is just me documenting my life, one day at a time, as it comes, it is inevitable that the periods of activity and interest must subside. Little will happen over the next couple of weeks. Spent all morning doing the photos from the trip, then the afternoon unpacking, the evening reacquainting myself with the local pub and eating out. So this is as good as I could do today.

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Lego lady gets desperate

Sunday 24th May 2015, 7.20pm (day 1,368)

Lego lady, 24/5/15

I could explain again the basis of Clare’s blog with her Lego lady…. but I’m not going to. Rest assured that I did take this shot, hence it fits with the rules of my own blog. Do I feel like this? That’s for me to know and you to find out.

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A happy St. Patrick’s Day

Tuesday 17th March 2015, 6.15pm (day 1,300)

Guinness glass, 17/3/15

I do like a pint of Guinness anyway so I’m not succumbing to marketing. Well, maybe a little bit. A happy St. Paddy’s day to you. And a happy day 1,300 of the blog, too.

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