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Sunday 21st July 2019, 7.40pm (day 2,887)

Like father, like son, 21/7/19

These two have clearly had a very good weekend. And so have I.

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Family Sunday

Sunday 2nd September 2018, 2.40pm (day 2,565)

At the Blue Pig, 2/9/18

A full two-day weekend and somehow I still feel like this little girl. Unfortunately I’m too big to be carried around in a rucksack these days.

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Family playing Gauntlet

Saturday 18th February 2017, 2.25pm (day 2,004)

Playing Gauntlet, 18/2/17

The room full of vintage arcade and computer games at the National Media Museum in Bradford is a cheap form of entertainment during weekends and school holidays — and as a result has featured on this blog before. This family seem to be enjoying their time on the collaborative game, Gauntlet — if you grew up in the 1980s I’m sure you remember it…

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Tom and Bella, Christmas Day

Friday 25th December 2015, 1.30pm (day 1,583)

Tom and Bella, 25/12/15

My nephew Tom and their family’s dog, Bella, enjoy a leisurely moment on Christmas afternoon. A happy festive season to you all, wherever you are and whatever you may have done.

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Lunchtime, York station

Sunday 5th July 2015, 12.20pm (day 1,410)

Lunchtime, 5/7/15

Normally our journey home from London wouldn’t take us through York but we ended up there because of a blockage on the line at Wakefield. It didn’t really extend our journey time much, to be fair. I took this shot while sat on our Hebden Bridge train waiting for it to leave, and like it because until I uploaded it onto the laptop this evening I didn’t realise how I’d captured this mother and son a couple of platforms away. I wasn’t particularly taking a photo of them, just of this group of people sat over there, and it’s nice sometimes when you get something unexpected.

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Working the lock

Wednesday 27th August 2014, 12.05pm (day 1,098)

Canal lock, 27/8/14

An uneventful day, but at least the canal in Hebden Bridge usually comes up with some kind of animated scene, particularly at the moment when the summer tourist traffic is coming through. This family seemed proficient enough at working the lock. I wonder if the kid realises that two hundred years ago, all things being equal, he’d have been doing that full-time.

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Nearly missed it…

Sunday 17th August 2014, 2.35pm (day 1,088)

Running for train, 17/8/14

… but this family did make their connection in Leeds. As did Clare and I on our way home from London, after an excellent weekend all round.

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Extended family tree (and member of it)

Saturday 10th May 2014, 6.45pm (day 989)

Family tree, 10/5/14

We had a kind of extended family gathering this evening. My Dad’s cousin Paul put together this huge scroll showing the family tree heading back several generations and at least two hundred years (very few of whom ever bothered to leave the Ashton-under-Lyne and Oldham area it seems). This young chap — name not caught — is on it somewhere. Good evening, though I had to leave early, as I’m flying to Russia early in the morning.

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