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Keith and Dave, Solstice dinner

Friday 21st December 2012, 7.00pm (day 484)

Keith and Dave, 21/12/12

Here we are on an exact anniversary of last year’s equivalent dinner (same house, same seats); but none the worse for that, I have been looking forward to the evening for some time. Dave (who seems fascinated by whatever it is that Keith is evoking here) was last seen on the blog in July, stuffing a lit torch down his throat – and Keith has also appeared before. A happy Winter Solstice to them, and to all the rest of you too.

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Winter solstice celebration

Wednesday 21st December 2011, 7.20pm (day 118)

Solstice meal, 21/12/11

24 people from the neighbourhood gathered in the ex-pub over the road to eat good home-cooked food and drink wine. Call it a ‘Solstice celebration’ (for today was the shortest day of the year), or a pre-Christmas get-together; it doesn’t matter, the good food and the good emotions remain either way. This is Christmas, for me: forget the presents, the best thing about it is the excuse it offers to push the boat out a little further and indulge in some really excellent eating for a few days. Tonight’s meal was great, and I didn’t have to lift a finger.

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