Joe in the Railway, Hebden Bridge

Saturday 3rd September 2011, 5.30pm (day 9)

Joe in pub, 3/9/11

One of the nice things about Joe is that he will engage very well with adults, having no problem at all with social situations. It makes it much easier to also be ourselves when among friends, to relax after the efforts of the week just gone, and not have to constantly be looking out for him. (That’s orange juice he’s drinking, in case you were wondering.)

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3 thoughts on “Joe in the Railway, Hebden Bridge

  1. […] first appearance on this blog was on its 9th day, September 3rd 2011, in which he was pictured in this room doing much the same thing as here, drinking a fruit juice […]

  2. […] I started doing this blog on 26/8/2011 Joe was nine years, four months and twenty-two days old. His first appearance was a few days in, sat in the Railway and looking really very small. Not any more. I guess he […]

  3. […] was cold. Anyway, one can use this as a check on his growth since he turned up the very first time in September 2011, more than half his life, and 3,088 days, […]

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