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I have a new Official Birthday

Sunday 17th November 2019, 7.40pm (day 3,006)

Official birthday sparkler, 17/11/19

Having stayed at the in-laws’ over the weekend, it was announced that I was being taken out for dinner this Sunday night — and the justification being that they hadn’t had the chance to be taken out for my 50th birthday back at the end of August. Seeing as a rather long time had elapsed between then and today we decided that, like the Queen, I should have a real birtday and then an ‘Official Birthday’ — weeks later in the year (Queen Elizabeth II has her real birthday on April 21st and then an Official thing in June some time). Forgive my presumption, but I got a cake and everything, here pictured with sparkler flaiming, so I’m happy to embrace a second such day each year. On November 17th perhaps — let’s see if I remember it 🙂

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Clare being 42

Friday 26th October 2018, 4.20pm (day 2,619)

Clare at 42, 26/10/18

I started this blog on 26th August 2011, my 42nd birthday — hence its name. We can now demonstrate that I am 2,619 days old than Clare, who reached that same milestone today. It is right and proper therefore that for this one day she can be both the subject of, and co-contributor, to the blog: as she is, today, “Being 42”.

As subject — above, Clare on the phone to Joe, who has been whisked off to Berlin for the weekend with 25 other 15- and 16-year olds on a school trip (no, I don’t really want to think about it either). We took advantage of this opportunity to bugger off down to London for a couple of days, but this shot is taken in Manchester’s Piccadilly Tavern before we got on the train. And no, it wasn’t deliberately taken at 4.20pm either. Honestly.

And as special guest contributor to the blog — we decided that as I was always going to offer one of her today, she would offer one of me. Here’s me descending to Euston tube station in London, later in the journey… being 42 years + 2,619 days old.

Clare's guest shot of me, 26/10/18

Happy 42nd birthday darling xxx…

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A wet 49th

Sunday 26th August 2018, 11.55am (day 2,558)

Wet birthday, 26/8/18

After a few weeks of getting out and about, my 49th birthday was spent at home in Hebden Bridge, and this is the weather that greeted it. I’m sure it’s not a metaphor for my advancing years…. but it was rather a wet blanket (OK, that’s a metaphor). Onward, anyway, onward with my fiftieth year on the planet (good grief). But the travelling is over for a little while.

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Pete on his 50th

Sunday 20th May 2018, 2.30pm (day 2,460)

Pete's 50th, 20-5-18

A happy 50th birthday to brother-in-law Pete: we celebrated in Manchester and I tried not to dwell on the fact that in 462 days time, I too will reach the half-century…

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Clare’s 40th birthday partty

Wednesday 26th October 2016, 9.40pm (day 1,889)

Clare 40th party, 26/10/16

A very happy birthday to the wife, born 26/10/1976 and thus forty years old TODAY. And how can one fail to go for someone with such attention to their make-up. Hun…. love you loads and may there be many more of these.

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Joe and his Great-Gran

Saturday 19th March 2016, 3.15pm (day 1,668)

Joe and Gran D, 19/3/16

Joe’s great-grandmother — Clare’s gran, Alma Draper — is 90 today; happy birthday to her. That’s a lot of life. We attended the celebrations in Morecambe today. This picture shows them both standing up, incidentally — Joe is getting much taller, and Gran, well, she’s never been particularly tall.

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Steve’s birthday party

Thursday 6th November 2014, 8.40pm (day 1,169)

Birthday party, 6/11/14

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Burning the plates

Wednesday 6th November 2013, 7.15pm (day 804)

Burning the plates, 6/11/13

Second evening in a row at the pub – naughty, naughty. A birthday celebration for our friend Steve, these are the remnants of his very nice birthday cake going up in smoke. Yes, we could have recycled. But it’s cold out.

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John B by the bonfire

Sunday 13th November 2011, 7.30pm (day 80)

John B, by the bonfire, 13/11/11

Busy but interesting weekend ends with a pleasant evening party among friends, chilling out by the bonfire and listening to Joe be enthused by access to an electric guitar – with amplification.

The party was a birthday do for another friend, Mick, 43 today (so happy birthday to him). There is a huge rush of birthdays at this time of year, at least 7 family members & 3 close friends within a month. Why? Because it’s 9 months after New Year, of course. ‘Darling, I will stop taking the Pill, but let’s wait until after Christmas, OK?’.

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