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Gold glasses (in the pub)

Tuesday 13th April 2021, 3.45pm (day 3,519)

Gold glasses, 13/4/21

Although I quite like the image of this guy’s golden sunglasses, the significance is more carried by what is visible behind his head; that table sits, as did we, in the beer garden of the White Swan in Hebden Bridge. Yes folks, the pubs are open again — if you want to wrap up and go al fresco, anyway. Hurrah for that at least.

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Manchester, City of Gold

Monday 3rd December 2018, 3.30pm (day 2,657)

City of Gold, 3/12/18

At least the sun came out this afternoon, its last rays of the day illuminating the skyscrapers that have grown up recently in the Deansgate area of the city. Old timers would not recognise some parts of Manchester now the years-long construction boom is starting to top out.

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Oxford Road (under ominous skies)

Monday 16th October 2017, 10.00am (day 2,244)

Oxford Road flare, 16/10/17

I know I did this one yesterday, to some extent, but hey, it’s a different spot with added gold. Ominous skies all morning but although it’s got very windy this evening, major stormy weather doesn’t seem to be brewing up.  Which is a good thing, seeing as thirty years ago today (16th October 1987) the village I lived in at the time, Rotherfield in Sussex, had its 500-year old church spire blown down by the massive storm that hit the south of England that night.

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Old Gate at night

Sunday 6th November 2016, 6.10pm (day 1,900)

Old Gate, 6/11/16

Of course, it’s around this time of year that it becomes not only easier, but more obligatory, to take photos in the hours of darkness — because there’s just that much more darkness around. On top of that today was a day spent mostly working at home (yes, I know it’s Sunday, but I’m busy)… so not much opportunity for anything exciting. I like this shot because it’s sharp, not always easy without using a flash, and the general gold-and-black colour scheme.

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At the end of the rainbow

Thursday 22nd November 2012, 8.15am (day 455)

Rainbow, HB, 22/11/12

Can something be both colourful and gloomy at the same time? I think this rainbow manages it. I love the way the houses at the end, lit by the early morning sun, glow like little nuggets of gold at the end of the…. whatever, you know what I’m saying.

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Cathedral of the Assumption, Kremlin, Moscow

Tuesday 25th October 2011, 11.20am (day 61)

Inside the Kremlin, 25/10/11_low-res

Propaganda cuts both ways. I can’t be the only person who grew up in the ‘West’ in the 1970s/1980s who became conditioned to think of the Kremlin as some gloomy, grey, dark castle of ill-omen. What we were never told is that, particularly at this time of year, when the trees have turned, it is all white, gold and beautiful.

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