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Getting the eyes checked out

Monday 13th March 2023, 9.05am (day 4,218)

In the optician's, 13/3/23

Vision is important to me, and, I assume, to everyone: get your eyes checked when you can…

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Friday afternoon reflections

Friday 17th June 2022, 4.50pm (day 3,949)

In Mark's sunglasses, 17/6/22

Friday, at the end of a busy week, and the sun was out. I make no apologies for heading for the pub. Others thought the same, as depicted in my camera, and in Mark’s sunglasses.

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Gold glasses (in the pub)

Tuesday 13th April 2021, 3.45pm (day 3,519)

Gold glasses, 13/4/21

Although I quite like the image of this guy’s golden sunglasses, the significance is more carried by what is visible behind his head; that table sits, as did we, in the beer garden of the White Swan in Hebden Bridge. Yes folks, the pubs are open again — if you want to wrap up and go al fresco, anyway. Hurrah for that at least.

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Cool under cardboard

Sunday 24th June 2018, 12.30pm (day 2,495)

Handmade Parade 2018, 24/6/18

Hebden Bridge’s annual ‘Handmade Parade’ has featured on here every year since the blog started, and will probably continue to do so. Although it is easy to be blasé about it when it’s seen every June, it remains an amazing outburst of creativity from hundreds of people, done purely for the sake of one performance along the main street of the town, which lasts 90 minutes or so — and for no direct commercial reasons whatsoever. Long may it continue. If someone can look this sophisticated and cool while wearing a large blue cardboard snake’s-head as a hat — then there must be benefits to it.

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Joe and sunglasses

Monday 25th July 2016, 12.40pm (day 1,796)

Joe and sunglasses, 25/7/16

Joe gets on for the second day in a row. Or part of him does — not just the upper half of his body, but one leg seems to have gone missing. He was hoping we would pick him up a pair of sunglasses for the imminent trip to places warmer and sunnier than here.

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Joe at Opera Quay

Saturday 30th March 2013, 5.10pm (day 583)

Joe, Opera Quay, 30/3/13

Joe, doing his cool dude act, as we have a drink after seeing a show at the Opera House (Frankenstein: a brilliant version). Mind you, whoever thought that the bland apartment blocks of Opera Quays would benefit the classic view of Sydney harbour from this point is an idiotic philistine of gargantuan proportions. Doubtless that gives him a role to play in the urban planning department of many a municipality around the world.

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Jack, outside the pub

Monday 21st May 2012, 5.50pm (day 270)

Jack, 21/5/12

Yesterday was good, and today continued very fine: best weather since the end of March. Here we are sat out in front of the Railway; yes, it’s by a main road, but it’s a great little suntrap. This is Jack: you will recognise him better with the hat and glasses on than without them. There’s me, too, if you look carefully.

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