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Europe’s busiest railway station

Tuesday 14th February 2023, 10.45pm (day 4,191)

Clapham Junction, 14/2/23

Clapham Junction station takes everything that Victoria and Waterloo stations have to throw at it, and as a result is apparently the busiest railway station in Europe, judged by number of trains. Except between midnight and 5am there can be up to 200 trains an hour passing through here, which makes it more than one every twenty seconds.

I like this golden spillage of light, and the seemingly random fractions posted on the top. I was here late on: this is the latest shot since 5th October 2020, in fact.

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The way out

Saturday 24th November 2018, 12.45pm (day 2,648)

Simbach station, 24/11/18

This is one of those shots that works if one gets the symmetry right — so it’s a shame both trains were not the same. But with this station, Simbach am Inn, lying right on the German/Austrian border, the one on the left goes into the first country, the one on the right, the latter. And who doesn’t love a bit of good old-fashioned Century Gothic font.

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Platform 5, Leeds station

Saturday 4th February 2017, 4.10pm (day 1,990)

Platform 5 Leeds, 4/2/17

Once again, Leeds becomes the place to change trains when on the way to somewhere else for an evening out: but once again it was quite fertile territory for photography today, bathed in golden late afternoon light. I had a couple to choose from today but in the end went with this one due to the randomly bendy child. Like a stray piece of wind just tried to whisk him away.

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Victoria station canopy

Wednesday 25th January 2017, 2.00pm (day 1,980)

Canopy, Victoria, 25/1/17

Sunny but chilly day in Manchester, trains being obedient. Got out of the house at least, even if it wasn’t a very profound change of scene. However, some very good travel news received today — looks like in two months’ time I will be in Japan for the first time in my life, a long-cherished dream destination.

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Trainspotters, Doncaster station

Thursday 26th June 2014, 2.45pm (day 1,036)

Trainspotters, 26/2/14

I admit I take many photos of railway stations and trains but at least I’m travelling on them at the time. I know it’s a fine line but I’ve never seen the point of people going to a railway station simply to watch the trains go by, and at Doncaster this practice is particularly prevalent. Pictured on my way home from Brighton this afternoon.

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