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Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Kremlin Wall

Tuesday 10th May 2016, 5.45pm (day 1,720)

Unknown solder, 10/5/16

Seeing as I missed the Victory Day celebrations yesterday let’s pay homage with this shot. The Russian Tomb of the Unknown Soldier lies below the monumental west wall of the Kremlin, at one end of a row of memorials to various Soviet cities, all decorated since yesterday with garlands of flowers. I think we citizens of elsewhere mostly forget that it was the Soviets who lost the most men (and women) of all the countries who fought in World War Two. They have a right to remember the dead. Perhaps not to celebrate them — but to remember them.

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Red Square at night

Tuesday 22nd October 2013, 9.20pm (day 789)

Red Square, 22/10/13

Yes, I’ve been travelling again, lucky me. Although I do intend to have four and a half months at home from mid-November until late March, because I’m getting rather tired of airports and stuff. However, there are compensations, like this, one of the world’s great views, surely. Russia is a vast country but this is its absolute centre.

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Cathedral of the Assumption, Kremlin, Moscow

Tuesday 25th October 2011, 11.20am (day 61)

Inside the Kremlin, 25/10/11_low-res

Propaganda cuts both ways. I can’t be the only person who grew up in the ‘West’ in the 1970s/1980s who became conditioned to think of the Kremlin as some gloomy, grey, dark castle of ill-omen. What we were never told is that, particularly at this time of year, when the trees have turned, it is all white, gold and beautiful.

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