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Manchester, City of Gold

Monday 3rd December 2018, 3.30pm (day 2,657)

City of Gold, 3/12/18

At least the sun came out this afternoon, its last rays of the day illuminating the skyscrapers that have grown up recently in the Deansgate area of the city. Old timers would not recognise some parts of Manchester now the years-long construction boom is starting to top out.

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Exchange Square tram stop

Friday 20th October 2017, 8.55am (day 2,248)

Rainy tram stop, 20/10/17

The smudges on the lens, the unnaturally reflective ground, the kind of stoically pained look of the lady with the blue bag, yes, it was another fine autumn morning in Manchester. I’m glad this week’s over, it has been very tiring. But Worktober ain’t finished yet, unfortunately.

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St. Peter’s Square tram stop

Thursday 6th April 2017, 9.00am (day 2,051)

Tram stop, 6/4/17

A decent run of morning shots in recent weekdays. I like this shot because of the general yellowness but then contrasted with the blue of the woman, and the lines up the middle and across the bottom. Composition then, I guess.

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Manchester tram, Aytoun Street

Thursday 21st April 2016, 8.40am (day 1,701)

Manchester tram, 21/4/16

I cannot think of anything much to say about this photo today, although I quite like it. Clare, sat by me at this point, says however that she likes ‘the pinks, the blues and the purples’, so now you know what she thinks, anyway.

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The new tram line

Monday 11th January 2016, 3.05pm (day 1,600)

Tramline works, 11/1/16

This nice round-number blog post is marked by yet another shot of Manchester city centre’s ongoing building works — a theme that is becoming recurrent, because they just never seem to end…

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Tram stop

Friday 13th March 2015, 1.10pm (day 1,296)

Tram stop, 13/3/15

So what’s in the carrying case? Inquiring minds want to know.

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Tram at St Peter’s Square

Tuesday 24th February 2015, 9.00am (day 1,279)

St Peter's Square, 24/2/15

No commentary today… I just like the composition, the colours, lines and shapes, and that I got it nice and sharp.

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At Victoria — but not on the train

Wednesday 7th January 2015, 3.35pm (day 1,231)

Tram, Victoria, 7/1/15 Manchester Victoria station passes by through the windows of a Metrolink tram. Why was I on a Metrolink tram going through Victoria, the place where I normally catch my train home? Because there weren’t any bloody trains from Victoria this afternoon, were there. Tram to Rochdale instead, three-hour journey home, welcome back to the 2015 commute indeed.

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Tramlines, Manchester

Thursday 12th September 2013, 2.30pm (day 749)

Tramlines, 12/9/13

I’m a little disappointed with the sharpness of the background but there’s a long zoom on it to get the right depth of field so I guess one can’t have everything. The focus is just a bit further forward than intended. Otherwise I like the sinuous sweep of these tramlines, as they come down past the G-MEX centre and head towards the city.

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