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Faerie bath

Tuesday 2nd October 2018, 12.55pm (day 2,595)

Faery bath, 2/10/18

As well as a profusion of fruit this year does seem to have produced larger-than-usual amounts of fungi. I don’t know what species is this butter-coloured toadstool, but I liked the way one of them had turned up its edges and thus allowed a little pool of water to gather at the top, that then glinted in what sunlight had managed to push through the trees above. Like a little bird-bath in a garden. The fairies gather…

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Sunday 11th October 2015, 12.05pm (day 1,508)

Toadstools, 11/10/15

For all that it represents the time of the year’s decline into old age there is something fine about autumn. It permits us to see the ways the cycle of life keeps itself turning. Fungi come into their own, consuming what they can before the cold freezes things up entirely.

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Fly agaric

Tuesday 8th October 2013, 3.35pm (day 775)

Fly Agaric, 8/10/13
Had a day’s work to do in London today, and walked through Trafalgar Square and Soho for the first time in years, but this was the winning picture today. Amanita muscaria – fly agaric – I haven’t seen one of these in years either. Sort-of poisonous, but people have been known to eat it anyway. No idea why. Taken in the grounds of Rose Bruford College in Sidcup.

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Mushroom seat

Monday 11th March 2013, 1.50pm (day 564)

Mushroom seat, 11/3/13

Difficult choice of picture today because I am currently in the highly picturesque Blue Mountains town of Katoomba, which is surrounded by spectacular sandstone mountains, pillars and gorges. But I’m off walking round here tomorrow as well, and I don’t want to repeat myself – also the light wasn’t so good today. So hopefully you should see pictures of the landscape tomorrow. And if not, well, there’s plenty already online I’m sure.

So here’s today’s photo instead. I think this is a very cute little mushroom and the fly sitting on the top has something of Lewis Carroll’s caterpillar… don’t you think? Just a little bit?

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Leprechaun Village, Nutclough Woods

Sunday 2nd October 2011, 4.40pm (day 38)

Leprechaun village, 2/10/11

Growing out of a tree trunk, in the woods over the road, spotted while walking off a big roast dinner. Well, OK, it’s probably not a real leprechaun village, but who knows for sure.

Mind you, come to think of it, I don’t live in Ireland.

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