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Broadway (kinda)

Sunday 30th December 2018, 3.00pm (day 2,684)

The Producers, 30/12/18

OK, it’s Manchester, not New York… But it is The Producers. So it’s Broadway really. All together now… “Springtime…”

No one, for once, told me I couldn’t take photos during the performance so I got a couple. I’m quite pleased with this one, which is one of the few photos from which I have not cropped even a pixel; and considering the symmetry that’s worth noting.

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Love Hurts?

Wednesday 18th May 2016, 2.10pm (day 1,728)

Love hurts, 18/5/16

Today marked the first time ever I have been to an academic conference and witnessed a play as my after-lunch session; let alone one aimed at teenagers and dealing with the issue of emotional relationship abuse. But I have to say Love Hurts? was very good. Well done to Sue Moffat of the New Vic theatre and her three talented actors. The woman on the right is playing the victim, the guy on the left, her friend (and mate of the perpetrator).

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Thursday 15th October 2015, 7.40pm (day 1,512)

Cameraman, 15/10/15

This piece of equipment isn’t quite as fearsome as it looks, because in fact there are three of them lined up along row O of the stalls of the Palace Theatre, Manchester, filming the performance we came tonight to see. The ten rows behind them all had to be reseated, which is proof, I guess, that the BBC can stomp in and do what they like….

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Backstage at the ‘Club Afrique’

Monday 17th November 2014, 8.20pm (day 1,180)

Club Afrique, 17/11/14

The gorgeous Liberty Belle, as she waits for her first performance of the evening.

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Scene 5, ‘Hansel and Gretel’

Monday 4th August 2014, 9.55pm (day 1,075)

Hansel and Gretel, 4/8/14

For 25 years there have been seasons of outdoor promenade plays in Williamson’s Park, Lancaster. This is this year’s, and the first such performance I’ve seen. We were told not to photograph it, but when faced with a scene like this I bent the rules slightly — this is not actually the performance, the audience were just starting to gather at this point. I also hope it’s considered free advertising. What a spectacularly staged piece of work.

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