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Family dinner, online

Sunday 19th April 2020, 6.20pm (day 3,160)

Dinner videoconference, 19/4/20

A couple of months ago, at least, we made an arrangement that we would visit my sister Vicki and family today for a Sunday out, let there be dinner, socialising, sunshine etc. This date got sucked into the COVID-19 black hole some time ago.

But thanks to the miracle of videoconferencing, we did our best to find a replacement. Seven family members, including myself, appear on the laptop screen at the back — Joe being the only attendee who cannot be seen. We ate well. It was fun. But it is not and never will be reality, and soon, we would like reality back please.

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My son and my father

Friday 8th September 2017, 4.10pm (day 2,206)

Son and father, 8/9/17

Apart from the fact that Joe, when stood up, is now some six inches taller than his grandfather, I would suggest that this photo is a pretty decent summation of how both of these people look at this point in time. Which is why I like it.

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Lining up the family portrait

Sunday 23rd December 2012, 12.45pm (day 486)

Dad behind camera, 23/12/12

Family pre-Christmas get-together today. My Dad here lines up the family portrait, and records another year in his own way, as I add him to my record of mine.

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Putting up the shelves

Sunday 8th April 2012, 11.35am (day 227)

Putting up shelves, 8/4/12

Since Thursday we’ve been redecorating our bedroom but it’s not a particularly exciting series of events. Still, it deserves to get on this blog at some point, as the site is intended to reflect the full range of my life’s activities. Except on this day, we got the experts in to help – i.e., my Dad. I don’t trust my shelving skills. Thus, this is my father’s first appearance on this blog – and thanks to him today for his sterling work.

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