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Peace, love, anarchy

Friday 24th February 2023, 9.45am (day 4,201)

Peace, love, anarchy, 24/2/23

I don’t know why I at first chose to point my camera at this wall (on Abingdon Street in Manchester). It was only after uploading the shot that I noticed the very evident face on the cigarette bin. Kind of spooky, in fact: an inanimate object with a secret inner life, if ever there was one.

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Another inanimate object with a secret inner life

Monday 21st June 2021, 12.10pm (day 3,588)

“Oh my God!! We’ve been sliced!”

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Inanimate object with secret inner life

Monday 4th March 2019, 9.45am (day 2,748)

Inanimate object with inner life, 4/3/19

This unit knows it must put on a brave public face as it awaits installation, but

inside it is screaming

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Beer pump (sad?)

Thursday 25th October 2018, 4.05pm (day 2,618)

Sad beer pump, 25/10/18

Perhaps it was early to be in the pub but I was fed up with work by 4pm today. But perhaps not as doleful as this beer pump appears to be. An inanimate object with a secret inner life? Quite possibly.

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The drill enjoys its job

Monday 13th July 2015, 2.05pm (day 1,418)

Joyful drill, 13/7/15

It looks like it’s having a thoroughly good time to me, smashing up the road… right outside the front door of my house. What can one say? It wouldn’t listen anyway.

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Evil mop

Thursday 2nd May 2013, 10.10am (day 616)

Evil mop, 2/5/13

A few days ago I laughed at this blog post – 31 Inanimate Objects with Secret Inner Lives – it’s well worth a look. Since then, I too have been seeing faces in ordinary household items. Like this mop, for instance. It’s been giving me the evil eye for days now.

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