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Starlings, and selfie

Sunday 4th February 2018, 4.55pm (day 2,355)

Brighton beach starlings, 4/2/18

A day in Brighton, a day of meetings and non-meetings. The person I was supposed to meet didn’t turn up. Then I met someone nice I did not expect to meet. Then I met a bunch of hypocritical Brexit voting Daily Mail reading obnoxious Nazis in my hotel bar in the evening. Then there were the starlings heading to roost on the pier. Maybe the lady taking a selfie (or possibly a shot of the West Pier, depending on which direction her camera was pointed in) could have turned her head to the left a bit to witness this impressive natural phenomenon. But it’s all about perspective isn’t it.

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Relaxed gulls

Sunday 5th November 2017, 1.55pm (day 2,264)

Relaxed seagulls, 5/11/17

Another very pleasant day to round off the weekend. We should all aspire to the level of relaxation evident in these gulls, even if the ‘lake’ they are on is an old gravel pit, or something (now a nature reserve in Heysham, Lancashire).

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Don’t mess with the cygnets

Monday 15th May 2017, 11.30am (day 2,090)

Swan and cygnets, 15/5/17

This swan ain’t having anyone mess with its brood of cygnets this year. The coot high-tails it out of there under the frosty stare of the big white mother with the orange beak. Well, I probably would too.

This is full-on urban nature — taken in the centre of London, Hyde Park specifically.

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Breakfast bounty

Thursday 11th May 2017, 9.25am (day 2,086)

Crows feeding, 11/5/17

This old guy walks down our street at pretty much the same time every day and I know is the one who leaves these crusts out on the wall for the birds every day. And most days the bounty is accepted (see this shot for example). Maybe the crows, rooks, jackdaws, whatever they are, see him as some kind of divine benefactor.

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Thirteen crows gather

Wednesday 5th April 2017, 7.30am (day 2,050)

13 rooks, 5/4/17

I’ve given up trying to reliably identify whether the birds in any given shot are crows, jackdaws, rooks, whatever. Either way, they were swooping over the roof of my house in a rather sinister manner this morning. The superstitious might like to note there are 13 of them in shot…

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Feeding time

Tuesday 28th February 2017, 3.35pm (day 2,014)

Feeding time, 28/2/17

Whatever it is he is offering, there seems a general indifference to it among the bird population of Hebden Bridge town centre.

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Failed ruse

Tuesday 10th January 2017, 2.25pm (day 1,965)

Scare owl, 10/1/17

“Pssst. Do you think the humans know that we have seen through their devious ruse?”

“I don’t know. If we keep looking nervous, perhaps neither they nor the evil ducks will notice how we’ve reoccupied this strategic vantage point.”

“Why the frig anyone thought a plastic owl would scare us during the daytime, I’ve no…”


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By Hebden Water

Monday 1st August 2016, 5.00pm (day 1,803)

By Hebden Water, 1/8/16

Back home, and from one of the world’s major historical waterways (the Tagus) to another (the Hebden Water) that is maybe not as significant, but still as photogenic in its own way. We could have done with better weather though — as has been true for two months — which may explain the expressions here.

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A gaggle

Wednesday 15th June 2016, 1.40pm (day 1,756)

Gaggle, 15/6/16

When are there enough geese for a gaggle? Will four do? When does a gaggle become a flock? Pictured on the canal at Hebden Bridge station this afternoon.

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Seagulls at MediaCityUK

Tuesday 23rd February 2016, 12.05pm (day 1,643)

Seagulls, Media City, 23/2/16

MediaCityUK is something like the biggest TV production facility in the UK, or is it Europe, and the biggest property development in the North-West of England, or is it the whole of the UK. Either way, during my visit there today I decided the best photo I got was this one of the local wildlife.

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