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The Parkinson Building, University of Leeds

Saturday 20th October 2018, 8.50pm (as you can see) (day 2,613)

Parkinson building, 20/10/18

A Saturday night out in Leeds. However, there are no photos of that, thanks to fascist doormen who seemed to be worried that my Mario Testino-style gear (cost of camera, £250) would somehow be a threat to image rights the world over. So here, instead, is the architectual centrepiece of the place where, many years ago — 25 this year, in fact (good grief) — I first came as a student. It’s still a cool building. And all in all a nicer campus than the one I presently work on (sorry, Manchester, but it’s true).

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Regency Square, Brighton — with added Thing

Saturday 27th February 2016, 12.25pm (day 1,647)

Regency Square, 27/2/16

Regency Square was first laid out in the early 1800s and was one of the first sea-front housing developments in Britain with social cachet; until that time the upper classes wouldn’t have dreamed of living near the sea, which was full of smelly fisherman types. But it was a success and became the template for many similar British seaside towns since.

What the Georgians would have made of the 450-feet-high tower that has sprung up at the end since last I was here, I have no idea. It’s nicely corporate, being sponsored by British Airways, for no immediately obvious reason, and is to become the “tallest moving observation platform in Europe”, or something. At least it will be until someone else builds a bigger one, which may turn out to be equally pointless and intrusive. I’m not a conservative — surely anyone following this blog can see  that — so I’ll judge anything new on its merits. At the moment, I just can’t see that this has any.

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