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Wednesday 4th October 2017, 6.10pm (day 2,232)

Cloudscape, 4/10/17

The light over landscapes can be capricious so by no means do they always look the same, but nevertheless there is a certain permanence about them. Cloudscapes, on the other hand, are totally transient. This beauty, which formed itself over southern Sweden today as I made my way home, will never be seen again… except here.

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Storms gather

Saturday 27th May 2017, 3.15pm (day 2,102)

Storm gathers, 27/5/17

The good weather broke, to some extent, although there was not the rain that the gathering clouds and rumbles of thunder promised. Dramatic-looking skies though. This was the last sighting of the sun today.

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Contrail weave

Wednesday 15th March 2017, 5.50pm (day 2,029)

Contrailscape, 15/3/17

On evenings like this it is as if the flight paths are creating some kind of tapestry. There is the latest weave going in, from top left. We humans seem to have found various ways to fiddle with the climate, and these artificial clouds are just another example of that, but they’re so everyday now, do we even think about them as much as we should?

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September sunset

Thursday 1st September 2016, 8.00pm (day 1,834)

Sunset, 1/9/16

September 2016’s first day was not an eventful one but it was perfectly decent — and ended very well.

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View from Old Town

Sunday 28th August 2016, 2.50pm (day 1,830)

View from Old Town, 28/8/16

Moody skies are the linking feature of this weekend’s shots. Is it autumn already? Taken from the beer garden of the Hare and Hounds pub, and looking generally westwards.

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Monday 22nd February 2016, 4.35pm (day 1,642)

Cloud rupture, 22/2/16

With a whole day spent at home working online, it was left to the sky to entertain. This looks like a hole in the space-time continuum has opened up above the houses of Heptonstall Road. Or possibly just a break in the clouds near the setting sun.

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The storm clears

Wednesday 18th November 2015, 3.40pm (day 1,546)

Clearing storm, 18/11/15

Clearing, yes — but it had still dumped plenty of rain on us before doing so, and it had siblings on the way. Come take some of our weather, please. We have lots to spare.

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September sunset

Tuesday 1st September 2015, 8.00pm (day 1,468)

September cloudscape, 1/9/15

Allowing for the fact that the first one of all, August 2011, was depicted only partially, September 2015 will be the fiftieth calendar month of this blog. How many times in those fifty months has this view (or ones like it) saved an otherwise drab day?

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Dusk over Hebden

Monday 18th May 2015, 8.15pm (day 1,362)

Sunset, 18/5/15

Having put myself about a bit over the last couple of weeks — this is only the fourth of May’s pictures to be taken in Hebden Bridge — I had a profoundly inactive day today, spent working at home. Lucky for you this dusk shot manifested itself this evening as you were this close to getting a picture of my feet. Be thankful for small mercies.

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Cloud Man

Saturday 22nd March 2014, 5.20pm (day 940)

Cloud Man, 22/3/14

Maybe I’m the only one who can see, in this cloudscape, the figure of  a kind of zooming, superhero Cloud Man, streaking across the sky with his blond hair flowing behind him in the wind. But as I can see it, that’s why I took the picture.

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