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Castle Mill Stream, Oxford

Tuesday 15th November 2022, 3.20pm (day 4,100)

Back to Oxford, so I can perform an aspect of my job that still does bring pleasure, and sit in a library for at least two days. The walk to my accommodation took place partly along this stream, a branch of the Thames. Perhaps I did this shot, in spirit, on Saturday, but I’m doing it again. Note the heron hanging around inconspicuously in the centre, hoping that the prey won’t notice it.

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Thames sunset

Tuesday 8th September 2020, 7.00pm (day 3,302)

Thames sunset, 8/9/20

On an evening where the British government spasms idiotically again in a desperate effort to prove its own relevance, it was nice to be out in beautiful sunshine and to get a sense of just why people are prepared to pay large amounts of money to live in Docklands. Stay free, everyone.

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The South Bank

Saturday 12th October 2019, 11.25am (day 2,970)

South bank, 12/10/19

A weekend away, which started (as my weekends away often do) with a Friday night out in London. This morning, Saturday, I walked part of the way to the station, crossing Westminster Bridge which seems to have become one of Britain’s most fortified spots — a place to point the camera away from, and turn instead to this view of the first inklings of autumn colour on the south bank of the Thames. I like the two figures just captured in the bottom corner.

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Doing the tourist thing

Friday 20th May 2016, 3.15pm (day 1,730)

Tourists in London, 205/16

Another day in London, ostensibly to work (well, I did have one meeting), but mainly to fuel my social life. I took the opportunity this afternoon to wander along the Thames and do the tourist thing, and here’s one of its most recognisable buildings — surely everyone in the world could put a location to this shot. These Italians were chilling out by the river, along with thousands of other people.

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London Blackfriars railway station

Friday 1st November 2013, 11.45am (day 799)

Blackfriars, 1/11/13

After the party, the journey home. I do this trip quite a lot. Since they finally removed the scaffolding from around Blackfriars station earlier this year, it really does have a bloody good view, up there with Circular Quay station in Sydney — but with slightly cleaner windows.

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