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The Thames, again

Wednesday 15th February 2023, 9.40am (day 4,192)

Thames near Kew Bridge, 15/2/23

My last day in London, this time. I did the Thames as a subject on Sunday, but I’m doing it again. A glorious morning: the two walkers seen here, and me, were considerably overdressed. I’m not sure that the bridge ahead has a name, but it takes the suburban line over the river to Chiswick. This is a very attractive part of the city, which is why I will never be able to afford to live there.

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The Thames at Brentford

Sunday 12th February 2023, 9.35am (day 4,189)

Thames at Brentford, 12/2/23

Despite having come to London regularly over the years there are still parts of this massive city that I have not yet explored. The western suburbs were amongst them, but this time I am staying in Brentford, giving me the chance to take a Sunday morning walk down the banks of the Thames to Chiswick and Barnes, all desirable spots. The river looks narrow here but that’s because over there is an eyot, or river island, which splits the flow in two at this point. What the old concrete post was, no idea — but the birds like to perch on it.

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Castle Mill Stream, Oxford

Tuesday 15th November 2022, 3.20pm (day 4,100)

Back to Oxford, so I can perform an aspect of my job that still does bring pleasure, and sit in a library for at least two days. The walk to my accommodation took place partly along this stream, a branch of the Thames. Perhaps I did this shot, in spirit, on Saturday, but I’m doing it again. Note the heron hanging around inconspicuously in the centre, hoping that the prey won’t notice it.

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Thames sunset

Tuesday 8th September 2020, 7.00pm (day 3,302)

Thames sunset, 8/9/20

On an evening where the British government spasms idiotically again in a desperate effort to prove its own relevance, it was nice to be out in beautiful sunshine and to get a sense of just why people are prepared to pay large amounts of money to live in Docklands. Stay free, everyone.

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The South Bank

Saturday 12th October 2019, 11.25am (day 2,970)

South bank, 12/10/19

A weekend away, which started (as my weekends away often do) with a Friday night out in London. This morning, Saturday, I walked part of the way to the station, crossing Westminster Bridge which seems to have become one of Britain’s most fortified spots — a place to point the camera away from, and turn instead to this view of the first inklings of autumn colour on the south bank of the Thames. I like the two figures just captured in the bottom corner.

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Doing the tourist thing

Friday 20th May 2016, 3.15pm (day 1,730)

Tourists in London, 205/16

Another day in London, ostensibly to work (well, I did have one meeting), but mainly to fuel my social life. I took the opportunity this afternoon to wander along the Thames and do the tourist thing, and here’s one of its most recognisable buildings — surely everyone in the world could put a location to this shot. These Italians were chilling out by the river, along with thousands of other people.

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London Blackfriars railway station

Friday 1st November 2013, 11.45am (day 799)

Blackfriars, 1/11/13

After the party, the journey home. I do this trip quite a lot. Since they finally removed the scaffolding from around Blackfriars station earlier this year, it really does have a bloody good view, up there with Circular Quay station in Sydney — but with slightly cleaner windows.

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