Mount Fløyen, Bergen, Norway

Sunday 27th November 2011, 3.25pm (day 94)

Mount Fløyen, 27/11/11

So here I am in Bergen again, and being a tourist for a couple of days – in all this run of visits to what I firmly believe is the most beautiful city I’ve ever visited, I have not had the chance before now to really look around (and see a fjord, particularly – which I will do tomorrow).

If anything I am slightly disappointed with the haul of pictures taken today (others can be seen in a Facebook album); none of them quite captured the glories of the view. This one is the best but there’s flare to the right of the image. But never mind, it was worth braving the freezing gale that was whipping in from the North Sea this afternoon. And it also becomes the first black & white shot on this blog, on its 94th day.

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3 thoughts on “Mount Fløyen, Bergen, Norway

  1. […] of this photograph is the historic city centre of Bergen. Mount Fløyen, which you saw on 27th November, is the low-looking hill to the far left, below the snowline. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike […]

  2. […] evening I took Clare and Joe up Mount Fløyen to see the classic view of Bergen: but this blog has already featured that so to avoid cliché and repetition here’s a strange view from a bar down by the waterside. […]

  3. […] take the funicular and come up here. This is Fløyfellet’s second appearance on the blog, the first being well over three years ago (27th Nov 2011), and the second shot in a row of a snowy Norwegian […]

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