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The FA Cup comes to Brighouse

Sunday 5th January 2019, 2.35pm (day 3,055)

FA Cuo at Brighouse, 5/1/20

One match to go, one victory more and there will be the chance to play the big teams in the Women’s FA Cup. But alas this was not to be the fate of Brighouse, in orange. Visitors Barnsley get the prize with a 1-0 win (and yes, it was a penalty). My mother aside, there haven’t been many people on the blog lately, so let’s compensate for that today; there were 321 spectators today, more than BTFC’s men’s team have managed for most games thise season.

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The away bench

Saturday 10th August 2019, 4.40pm (day 2,907)

Bishop's Cleeve, 10/8/19

The substitutes and manager of Easington Sports FC look rather morose here but then again they are coming to the end of a rather limp 3-0 defeat at the ground of their hosts, Bishops’ Cleeve FC. I like this shot because of the pallette, the rustic hay bales in the background and finally because of their semi-formal, portrait-style arrangement. The ground has only been there since 2002, but there’s something timeless about it.

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FC United get their second

Saturday 22nd September 2018, 3.35pm (day 2,585)

FCUM goal, 22/9/18

I am giving myself more and more opportunities to become practiced at sports photography — specifically, football. I hope this isn’t boring for you, my followers. But I’m enjoying it. FC United of Manchester, who are like the non-Evil version of that other United of Manchester, of whom I’m sure you’ve heard, put themselves 2-0 up in the FA Cup against Colne (where I was a fortnight ago), thanks to some unidentifable part of no. 9’s anatomy. Getting shots like these is largely a matter of luck, I have decided; pro sports photographers take hundreds of shots per match, I bet, and probably end up with half a dozen usable ones.

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Watching the match

Saturday 25th August 2018, 3.30pm (day 2,557)

Hyde fans, 25/8/18

My summer holidays reach their conclusion this weekend. The one remaining day, Sunday, is my 49th birthday, so today also marks the end of the 7th year of this blog. So now you know how many days there are in 7 years (with two February 29ths). We came back from Berlin in the morning, but there was no point hanging around doing nothing for the rest of this Saturday so I did what I — and many thousands of people up and down the country — often do in such circumstances, and went to watch a football match. Today’s venue, Ewen Fields, home of Hyde United FC, also brings up a milestone as I make it that this is the 50th football ground to feature on here. But the picture is generic, if you like — I just like the image of the different people on here all doing their thing.

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The magic of the Cup

Saturday 5th August 2017, 4.25pm (day 2,172)

Rain storm, Wellingborough, 5/8/17

The FA Cup — the world’s oldest and still one of its largest football competitions. 737 teams this season, these take a lot of winnowing down so things start early in the season, namely this weekend, with 185 games in the Extra Preliminary round including this one — Wellingborough Whitworth (in that salmon-pink gear) v. Desborough Town. Yes, I picked the game to go to because of the name of the club, but hey, surely all Whitworths should feel obliged to give them some support. They needed it today anyway — losing 4-0. Desborough win thirteen more Cup ties this season they will be at Wembley…

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Making a save

Saturday 25th January 2014, 4.20pm (day 884)

Good save, 25//1/14

Chris Neal, goalkeeper of Port Vale FC (with the rest of his team in white and black) tips a shot over the bar while assorted players of my beloved Brighton & Hove Albion FC look on, in today’s FA Cup 4th round match between the clubs. Brighton were 2-1 up at this point, and went on to win 3-1. Which is nice. In fact since the beginning of November (Doncaster) I have been to five games and seen five wins. And there’s another match coming up on Tuesday night.

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You’ll Never Walk Alone

Sunday 19th February 2012, 4.25pm (day 178)

The Kop, 19/2/12

I’m not a fan of Liverpool FC – this is obvious from this blog. I do not believe they have some divine right to success, or to be better thought of than other clubs. And today’s result, which I forebear from mentioning here, was disappointing – to say the least.

However, you would have to be a total cynic not to feel a little moved by the sight of the Kop End while ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ is playing. I am glad I was able today to pay a visit to one of the truly legendary venues of world football, still here, not yet torn down to be replaced by some identikit stadium on an out-of-town site, better for the moneygrabbers who now determine the course of the sport, but with no history, no soul. Anfield might be cramped, and rather old-fashioned these days, but it definitely has soul. There is no denying it.

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