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Low flyer

Wednesday 5th October 2016, 5.40pm (day 1,868)

Low flyer, 5/10/16

Now there’s something you don’t see every day. Anonymous cargo planes (there were two of them), flying very low over Hebden Bridge. What with the daily lunacies pouring out of the Tory party conference at the moment, these are probably just the start of military operations against organic farmers.

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Beneath the cloud

Sunday 18th October 2015, 11.05am (day 1,515)

Beneath mushroom cloud, 18/10/15

Sometimes the shots just have that extra little thing about them that you didn’t even realise was there when you took it. I’ve travelled today, to a place that I’ve not been to before and which you’ll see over the next few days, rest assured, but this shot was taken en route. These clouds are not natural, they are being pumped out of some power station or other, maybe in France or northern Germany, I’m not completely sure. I loved the way they flattened out at the top in some cold layer. But it was only when I uploaded this one that I spotted the plane…

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In-flight entertainment

Sunday 17th February 2013, 3.40pm [New Zealand time] (day 542)

In flight entertainment, 17/2/13


Could have offered up photos taken from the plane, but there will, I’m sure, be plenty of New Zealand landscapes coming up over the next few days, and I also got a good shot of Auckland but that’s also a theme used a few days ago. So here’s a photo taken of the plane. Here is everyone plugged into their little worlds as we fly over the Tasman Sea.

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Early morning over the Atlantic

Saturday 21st July 2012, 6.15am [UK time] (day 331)

Atlanta-Manchester flight, 21/7/12

I never sleep on planes. The flight passed relatively quickly (a decent movie helped – Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, better than I thought it would be), and there’s the odd feeling of seeing the night flit by in half the time it would normally take, but otherwise there’s no appeal to this mode of travel. Electronic devices are a big help these days, of course. I like this shot because of the light, particularly the rim-light around the head of the guy on the left.

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Chinese girl on plane

Thursday 28th June 2012, 9.15pm (day 308)

Chinese girl on plane, 28/6/12

It’s a nice shot (if a little out-of-focus). Unfortunately, this encapsulates the day because there’s no way I should have been coming home late enough to catch the sunset streaming through onto the face of my single-serving model. British Airways stranded me in the sixth circle of Hell that is Heathrow Airport for 7 hours this afternoon because their first choice of plane needed fixing. OK, I don’t want to go up in a dodgy plane but why the hell was it left to me – a passenger – to inform the BA ticket desk in Terminal 1 that one of their planes had gone tits-up, a full hour after the pilot told me and the rest of the passengers that it wasn’t going to take off?!

I’ve been on the go since 3.30 am this morning UK time (6.30 Moscow). I’m going to bed.

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Off the coast of Denmark (or is it Sweden)

Thursday 23rd February 2012, 3.10pm (day 182)

Øresund, 23/2/12

Was worried today was going to be a tough one to fulfil, with just a morning sat in an office and then a plane journey home: things to see, but nothing that was going to be particularly new on this blog.

However, the scenes on the journey home were spectacular today, particularly the second flight into Manchester which, with fiery sunset and the glow of the towns below, through the clouds, looked almost like the Day of Judgment. But it was too dark for photography through a plane window. This shot from earlier in the day, however – of the Øresund, the narrow strait between Copenhagen and Malmö – definitely hit the spot.

By the way, this shot is late because I’m having major hardware problems at the moment. Posts over the next week, at least, are likely to emerge erratically.

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Bergen, from the plane

Tuesday 21st February 2012, 3.25pm (day 180)

Bergen, from plane, 21/2/12

It’s not a bad place to come and work for a couple of days, is it.

The peninsula to left-centre of this photograph is the historic city centre of Bergen. Mount Fløyen, which you saw on 27th November, is the low-looking hill to the far left, below the snowline.

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