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At the Blue Pig

Sunday 5th August 2018, 3.40pm (day 2,537)

At the Blue Pig, 5/8/18

First weekend of my summer break. I have no idea who this is, the picture is chosen for no other reason than I just think it makes him look good. Which is as much as we can ask from a portrait I think.

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The last (real) Friday of 2017

Friday 22nd December 2017, 6.30pm (day 2,311)

The last Friday, 22/12/17

The last working week of the year comes to an end. Every year, semester 1 is like a marathon. Sometimes I reach the end delirious and hyper. 2017 is not one of those years. Right now I feel utterly fatigued, just grateful to have reached this point without any significant loss of faculties. It would be good to slumber through the next eleven days to tell the truth — but I can’t, there are festive duties to perform of course. But that doesn’t mean I have to think much about them; that’s the good news.

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PK’s bar, Carbondale

Tuesday 22nd August 2017, 3.20pm (day 2,189)

PK's bar, 22/8/17

This bar stands across the road from Carbondale’s Amtrak station and was therefore a suitable place to wait for my train back north. It seemed to be the kind of place where most of the clientele probably never went anywhere else — so I kind of liked it. PK’s stands for Pizza King, by the way — the matriarch who ran the place explained to me that they started out being the first people in Carbondale to open a pizza parlour, but when everyone else started doing it, they decided to turn it into a bar instead. Which must have been a good move, because apparently that shift took place fifty years ago.

Carbondale also gains for itself the distinction of being the 200th different identifiable location to appear on this blog. Thus, about every 11th shot on here is taken somewhere different, which is a decent amount of variety, I guess.

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Before the match

Tuesday 15th August 2017, 7.20pm (day 2,182)

At the Three Pigeons, 15/8/17

“Come to the football, son,” he said. “All the glamour and excitement of FC Halifax Town v Dover Athletic, playing out before your eyes. That’ll be better than a night on those silly video games, won’t it?”

I hope they both stayed until the end, anyway. 0-0 after 86 minutes: final score 2-1 to Dover. Enjoyable in the end but perhaps not for Halifax Town fans.

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John the barber, off-duty

Friday 2nd June 2017, 6.40pm (day 2,108)

John the barber, 2/6/17

John makes his second appearance on the blog after the picture taken at his place of work┬áthree years ago. But is he really off-duty? Looks like he’s looking wistfully at the competitor establishment across the street, somehow.

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Three blokes walked into a bar

Wednesday 12th April 2017, 6.50pm (day 2,057)

Oyster bar, 12/4/17

Something tells me these three have been drinking buddies for a long time. They are all consuming their pints at the same speed, note.

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Let us be thankful

Friday 6th January 2017, 5.20pm (day 1,961)

Black Jesus, 6/1/17

Come Friday after work, the pub beckons — particularly with this beer on in Calan’s. It is well named, for it is worth respect and tribute.

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Taking a swim (in my beer)

Sunday 11th September 2016, 4.15pm (day 1,844)

Wasp in beer, 11/9/16

I took the shot, then fished it out. It lumbered around drunkenly on the table for a few minutes, drying itself off in the sunshine, then flew off and presumably will lead a long and waspy life. Therefore, no insects were harmed in the making of this picture.

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Thursday 13th August 2015, 2.20pm (day 1,449)

Ilias, 13/8/15

Ilias is the son of Marilena (behind), who works for me despite living in Corfu — but that’s the online world for you. This was his first visit to England, we met them for lunch in Manchester, and he got to show that he has adopted certain local customs even at his young age. Yia mas!

(Obligatory child protection note: he didn’t drink it, you know.)

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Still life in pub

Sunday 19th July 2015, 3.55pm (day 1,424)

Pub still life, 19/7/15

One of the most indolent days of this year, or indeed any year. So be it. I’ll be active enough in a few days’ time.

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