Off the coast of Denmark (or is it Sweden)

Thursday 23rd February 2012, 3.10pm (day 182)

Øresund, 23/2/12

Was worried today was going to be a tough one to fulfil, with just a morning sat in an office and then a plane journey home: things to see, but nothing that was going to be particularly new on this blog.

However, the scenes on the journey home were spectacular today, particularly the second flight into Manchester which, with fiery sunset and the glow of the towns below, through the clouds, looked almost like the Day of Judgment. But it was too dark for photography through a plane window. This shot from earlier in the day, however – of the Øresund, the narrow strait between Copenhagen and Malmö – definitely hit the spot.

By the way, this shot is late because I’m having major hardware problems at the moment. Posts over the next week, at least, are likely to emerge erratically.

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