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The world from inside

Monday 12th February 2018, 2.10pm (day 2,363)

Wintry HB, 12/2/18

The snow visibly coming down on yesterday’s shot hung around to spend a Monday in Hebden Bridge. I did the same — but not outside in it. I just looked at it.

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Snow on the roof

Thursday 1st February 2018, 9.20am (day 2,352)

Victoria roof, 1/2/18

February dawns bright and clear, with snow on the ground on the Lancashire side of the Pennines, but not in Yorkshire — which is unusual. The light covering of white that was on Victoria station roof in the morning would not have taken long to melt off in the sunshine.

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Lee Wood Road

Friday 29th December 2017, 12 noon (day 2,318)

Lee Wood Road snow, 29/12/17

On the return home, a healthy dosage of the white stuff. This being a maritime British winter, not one of these more robust continental versions, by tonight it had all gone.

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Descent to Tromsø airport

Saturday 17th June 2017, 5.15pm (day 2,123)

Arctic mountains, 17/6/17

A return to Tromsø after my first visit in March. Well above the Arctic Circle, I will comfortably see no darkness for the next few days. Expect a photo of the Midnight Sun at some point. But not tonight — the views from the final stages of the flight were too good. So I probably saw more snow than you did today, at least from a distance.

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Boarding, Tromsø airport

Friday 10th March 2017, 8.00am (day 2,024)

Tromsø airport, 10/3/17

Last morning in Tromsø. It started snowing. I could say I took the good weather with me, but it was crappy at home too (although not below freezing). Great week though — many good things to enjoy.

It crossed my mind that with Tromsø being on a small island, I have not been on the mainland of Europe at all this week. Small islands (not, like, Great Britain or New Zealand) that have appeared on this blog: Tromsøya, Kvaløy (this week), Snilstveitøy (also Norway), Kangaroo Island, Stradbroke Island, Tasmania (Australia), Stewart Island (New Zealand), Wayasewa and Wayalailai (Fiji), Æbelø (Denmark). None in the UK… perhaps I should make an effort…

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Sunday 12th February 2017, 8.45am (day 1,998)

Snowmelt, 12/2/17

We are in one of those crappy spells of weather. You know, where it is cold and damp and it tries to snow but it’s not cold enough to do it properly so everything turns to grey slush virtually on impact. Well, you know these things if you spend Februaries in Britain, anyway.

Incidentally, this is a luggage rack on top of a car. I like the inverted mountain-range look of the meltwater drops. Hence me categorising the post as ‘Landscape’ even though it obviously isn’t one in the classical sense.

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Moscow campus, January

Monday 16th January 2017, 12.20pm (day 1,971)

Moscow School, snow, 16/1/17

How nice it is that I have a job that frequently permits me the chance to get out of cold, damp, dark Britain in the depths of January. Many people would here make a point of going somewhere warm and sunny, like Australia, or the Mediterranean. I am a contrary bugger though, so I’ve come to Moscow.

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Friday 25th November 2016, 12.50pm (day 1,919)

Bowfell, 25/11/16

Having worked five of the last six Sundays, and as I’m going to be working this Sunday too, and with it being the only Friday morning all semester when I wasn’t teaching — I arranged weeks ago to make this  a completely guilt-free day off. It could have been raining, misty, foul, all the things it usually is in late November….

…. but it wasn’t. Thank you world.

Back on 7th October 2011 this summit, Bowfell, was pictured from a greater distance on an earlier Lake District walk, and it also popped up on 22nd June this year, which makes it the first mountain to get on the blog three times (excepting the obvious case of Kilimanjaro).

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November sunset

Sunday 20th November 2016, 3.20pm (day 1,914)

Sunset view, 20/11/16

I have a commitment to try to avoid repeating myself on this blog: but of all the views that have appeared more than once, this one, the one looking west from my house, has been the most often repeated. And for good reason. It has saved many an otherwise drab day.

And yes, we do already have snow, have had for three days in fact. After the whole year has seemed to be running late climatically — winter has hit early, and quite hard.

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The first snow

Wednesday 9th November 2016, 8.05am (day 1,903)

First snow, 9/11/16

The first snow comes to Hebden Bridge only 194 days, or 6 months and 10 days, after the last snow (29th April).

Winter is coming… In more ways than one, I fear.

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