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Easter Sunday in the park

Sunday 4th April 2021, 12.25pm (day 3,510)

Easter Sunday park, 4/4/21

The world — well, Hebden Bridge anyway — is getting back to it, and in these developments I can see nothing but good. We should be able to give our money to a few more retailers that have been unlucky (or unpolitically active) enough to be classed as ‘inessential’, but more important is that people are just coming out anyway.

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Hebden housing

Friday 30th March 2018, 3.00pm (day 2,409)


Hebden housing, 30/3/18

The annual Good Friday hike up to Heptonstall took place, to see the Pace Egg play, but I didn’t get any decent photos of that. Looking back down and over the housing of the home town produced better results. Someone a couple of centuries ago decided it would be a good idea to build a town here and had to come up with some solutions to the difficult topography, and here we still are.

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Pace Egg play

Friday 25th March 2016, 2.20pm (day 1,674)

Pace egg play, 25/3/16

The Pace Egg play is performed at various locations around Hebden Bridge each Good Friday. St. George defeats all challengers, there is death, rebirth, all that jazz. It dates back hundreds of years — ‘Pace’ comes from the Old English word for Easter. A troupe of actors perform it at Hepstonstall each year, and then this group from Calder High (Joe’s school) tour it round the villages with the help of a non-medieval blue van. I caught this performance in Luddenden in this Good Friday’s pleasant weather.

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Happy Easter

Saturday 7th April 2012, 10.45am (day 226)

Easter egg, 7/4/12

Historically, as eggs were not supposed to be eaten during Lent, but you can’t persuade chickens to stop laying them for the duration, there would always have been a surplus of them at Easter. Hence, the practical usefulness of the tradition of the Easter egg. Apparently.

This display currently decorates the window of the Yorkshire Soap Co. in Hebden Bridge. Incidentally I like the very mild risque touch in this picture of confectionery, thanks to an unanticipated reflection.

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