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Alex in the Beyer Theatre

Thursday 16th June 2022, 9.15am (day 3,948)

The Beyer Building‘s exterior has featured before. It was constructed in 1887, meaning this lecture theatre basically reflects assumptions about pedagogy from 135 years ago. And it looks pretty much the same as lecture theatres still do, only with many fewer plug sockets. Alex awaits my talk at 9:30; there were a few other people in the room by the time I started (honestly).

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Dracula’s Castle, the University of Manchester

Monday 8th October 2012, 4.15pm (day 410)

Beyer building, 8/10/12

Actually this is the Beyer Building, at the University of Manchester, in some rather spectacular autumn plumage. But it does look like Dracula’s castle. I can quite see him striding past one of those windows in the middle of the night. (Or perhaps I think that because personages of the university administration reside here.)

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