Dracula’s Castle, the University of Manchester

Monday 8th October 2012, 4.15pm (day 410)

Beyer building, 8/10/12

Actually this is the Beyer Building, at the University of Manchester, in some rather spectacular autumn plumage. But it does look like Dracula’s castle. I can quite see him striding past one of those windows in the middle of the night. (Or perhaps I think that because personages of the university administration reside here.)

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3 thoughts on “Dracula’s Castle, the University of Manchester

  1. […] Warming up for Hallowe’en, the old Nutclough Tavern in Hebden Bridge puts in a bid for ‘spooky castle’ status, unfazed by a stiff recent challenge from the Beyer building at the University. […]

  2. […] campus can crank up the architecture quotient now and again, especially on a sunny May day. The Beyer Building and its cloak of ivy have featured before. My only day on campus this week, so I’m glad it […]

  3. […] Beyer Building‘s exterior has featured before. It was constructed in 1887, meaning this lecture theatre […]

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