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Come to the Cabaret

Sunday 1st May 2022, 10:15pm (day 3,902)

HBBF finale, 1/5/22

It’s been a long time since I went to any kind of live theatrical performance. The last time one was depicted on here was probably 30th December 2018 (The Producers, in Manchester). In large part we can, of course, thank two years of The Great Fear for this, and that also explains why there’s been no Hebden Bridge Burlesque Festival since 2019. But this has returned, tonight was the finale, and as they needed some ushers (glorified fire marshals) I got to put on a suit and go and see it for free. We were allowed to take photos only at the end, so here’s the one chance I got. This woman, CeCe Sinclair, was the MC, and a bloody good job she made of it. She did it while not wearing much, but that’s burlesque for you. A better-than-average Sunday evening, anyway.

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Backstage at the ‘Club Afrique’

Monday 17th November 2014, 8.20pm (day 1,180)

Club Afrique, 17/11/14

The gorgeous Liberty Belle, as she waits for her first performance of the evening.

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Liberty Belle prepares her act

Wednesday 27th November 2013, 10.05am (day 825)

Liberty Belle balloons, 27/11/13

Noted local burlesque performer Liberty Belle here prepares to run through her balloon act in the rehearsal studio over the road. OK, so it’s a blonde in her underwear, but I’m still claiming it’s art. Or life. Or whatever.

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Preparations for filming

Tuesday 13th August 2013, 11.15am (day 719)

Studio, before filming, 13/8/13

The tripod, the docked iPod, the discarded costumery; the wife must want one of her routines filming. Happy to oblige.

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After the Frou Frou Club

Saturday 18th August 2012, 11.15pm (day 359)

Frou Frou club, 18/8/12

This is becoming a regular event both on the Hebden Bridge social calendar generally and also on this blog, having previously featured in October and March in this regular form as well as the one-off event for the Arts Festival in July. It is enjoyable in its own right and gives plenty of photo opportunities, not all of which can be taken advantage of due to restrictions on photography, plus the added challenge of taking pictures in very low light while tanked up with several pints of beer, like this one. It’s not bad though. Do you need faces to get a mood? The night is over, people are about to go home…

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Lady Wildflower

Friday 6th July 2012, 8.45pm (day 316)

Lady Wildflower, 6/7/12

It rained all day again and Hebden Bridge was one thunderstorm away from flooding once more, but the heavens relented at about 7pm, and we were spared. I don’t want to talk about the weather. The evening was a much better distraction. But I am supposed not to publish any photos of the burlesque performers so here’s the compere, Lady Wildflower, a much more pleasing shot than one of flooded fields and replacement bus services and rain and general weather-related gloom.

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Ginger la Rouge

Sunday 10th June 2012, 10.45pm (day 290)

Ginger la Rouge, 10/6/12

Clare’s alter ego – whose identity, of course, I could not possibly reveal – was doing a burlesque show in Chester tonight, and I got to go along for a change. Here is another of the lovely performers (5 female, 1 male). I like taking pictures of people candidly – it helps you see what they really look like. I get the impression Ginger looks rather like this most of the time, in fact. (Even if her right leg does appear to be stood in a big glass. Perhaps I should have cropped that, but what the hell.)

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Clare’s photo shoot

Wednesday 16th November 2011, 11.00am (day 83)

Clare, photo shoot, 16/11/11

Yesterday we had the mysterious purchase of the mask, today I was engaged as official photographer in the wife’s latest shoot. She’s definitely up to something.

By the way, I took a lot of photos today, some of which might even be classed as ‘good’, but I did say that this blog would feature no staged shots. This was the one candid shot I took today, however. Just as well it was a nice one, otherwise you’d have ended up with a picture of a train or something (I’m currently on my way down to London for the evening & work there tomorrow morning); but C is just so much more aesthetically pleasing, don’t you think?

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Halloween Burlesque Party

Saturday 29th October 2011, 8.00pm (day 65)

Halloween burlesque, 29/10/11_low-res

Let’s edit out the text that originally accompanied this photo, written last night when I was too inebriated to be lucid and pithy and all those other things I’d like these texts to be. Let me instead just reiterate what a good night it was. The audience were asked not to take photos of the performance and stick them online – so I should respect that – though it’s a shame, as I got some good ones including of the wife making her own performance debut. But the audience were also a sight worth recording. Happy Halloween – a couple of days early, it is true.

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Anna Fur Laxis performing at the Wet Spot, Leeds

Saturday 17th September 2011, 11.15pm (day 23)

Anna Fur Laxis, 17/9/11

All parents know that nights out become difficult to arrange. So if we’re going to have one, let’s do it properly.

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