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A December Monday morning

Monday 2nd December 2013, 9.40am (day 830)

Monday morning, 2/12/13

Cross Street, Manchester. Some of us are on our way to work, past the guys opening up the Christmas market. I’ve talked myself into liking this shot even though it’s out of focus. It was how I felt this morning.

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Cross Street, Manchester

Friday 28th September 2012, 4.10pm (day 400)

Cross Street woman, 28/9/12

Busy day at work to end a busy week, and a busy month. Sometimes you’ve just got to admit that the most photogenic thing you saw all day was the rear view of a pretty woman on the walk home to the station. One chance to snap it, taken. I nearly cropped this to just show her bottom half, which works quite well with the leaf, but her hair is too good to omit even if it untidies the composition a bit.

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