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Back to school

Tuesday 23rd November 2021, 11.30am (day 3,743)

I am an educator, yes — a teacher if you like — but that doesn’t mean I hang around schools very often, if at all. This morning was an exception, however, and here’s where I spent it; St Helena’s only secondary school, opened in 1988. This is, of course, a model, which resides in the reception area, but it’s as good a way as any to get a feel for the place. The eponymous Prince visited in 1984 and obviously made a big impression on the islanders. Whether, in light of more recent events, they are thinking of changing the name, is not yet recorded.

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Little model landscape

Saturday 23rd January 2021, 2.00pm (day 3,439)

Turbines above Penistone, 23/1/21

Of course, this is not a model, it is a real landscape above the (awkwardly-named) town of Penistone, in South Yorkshire. But though there area actually two large turbines to the right, it sure looks to me like one is the shadow of the other, cast on the backcloth of a diorama built in a shoe box, or something. And the patchwork of frost and field, the general graininess of the picture…. seems fake to me. Perhaps there is a model railway below, just out of shot.

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Murder scene?

Monday 29th April 2019, 4.45pm (day 2,804)

Toys in dentist, 29/4/19

While waiting my turn in the dentist’s this afternoon I noticed this little tableau set up in one of the display cabinets. So many questions…. If the mad guy in the white coat was attacking the woman in green with a hypodermic (or possibly a huge rivet), and she took him out in self-defence…. what did she do with the murder weapon? Hang on…. I think I see it… !

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The charioteer charges

Sunday 10th January 2016, 1.30pm (day 1,599)

Lion chariot, 10/1/16

The high elf warrior rides his lion steeds into battle. Or possibly Joe’s been putting together his Xmas Warhammer acquisitions and there was some good light on the dining table this afternoon.

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Clare at her… our photo shoot

Friday 6th September 2013, 1.05pm (day 743)

Clare in make-up, 6/9/13

Returning from my week working away was encouraged by the chance to join Clare at her photo shoot at Alt.studios in Manchester. I should in fact call it ‘our’ shoot because I also had my first experience of being in front of a professionally-wielded camera. Whether you get to see the results or not depends on how well I know you.

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Mini Copenhagen

Friday 11th May 2012, 5.00pm (day 260)

Mini Copenhagen, 11/5/12

Finished off in Nyborg this morning and transited back to Copenhagen for the weekend (for reasons which will become obvious tomorrow). This rather cool model of medieval Copenhagen – nothing of which remains – sits outside the Copenhagen Historical Museum, a few minutes’ walk from our hotel on the Vesterbr√łgade.

It’s a new capital city for me, anyway: I think this is the full list of capitals that I have visited at any point: London, Dublin, Oslo, Helsinki, Moscow, Warsaw, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Lisbon, Athens, Vienna, Prague, Nicosia, Sofia, Riyadh, Taipei, Washington and now Copenhagen. My favourite? Amsterdam. The most boring? Sofia. The oddest? Riyadh.

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