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Man photographing (man photographing) puddle

Wednesday 1st July 2020, 4.25pm (day 3,233)

Photographing puddle, 1/7/20

We are all starting to lose it. Why is he photographing this puddle? More to the point, why am I photographing him photographing this puddle? Which one of us is losing it more?

The sign is the added touch that will roughly date this scene for ever more.

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Holme Street, in the rain

Wednesday 28th October 2015, 9.00am (day 1,525)

Holme Street, 28/10/15

Heavens! Can it get more exciting than this? The rain. The puddles. The surface of some random street near home. It’s that late October, early winter feeling, and it ain’t going away.

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Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester

Monday 14th October 2013, 11.40am (day 781)

Piccadilly Gardens, 14/10/13

My perambulations through the centre of Manchester do seem to get later and later, don’t they. If the city has a symbolic centre, Piccadilly Gardens is probably it — no, not Old Trafford (which isn’t actually in Manchester anyway). This shot makes it look vaguely pastoral, which is why I like it: actually the place is a concrete jungle. A pretty intense rain shower stopped a couple of minutes beforehand.

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Wet Monday morning

Monday 26th November 2012, 7.55am (day 459)

Wet Monday morning, 26/11/12

Ho hum. Not many Monday mornings to go, fortunately. Nice to see the Council are keeping the drains clear of fallen leaves, anyway.

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Burst water main, Market Street, Hebden Bridge

Saturday 26th November 2011, 10.05am (day 93)

Burst water main, 26/11/11_low-res

So we move into the second trimester of this blog. End of November, December, January and most of February – the winter months. Expect lots of pictures of the cold and wet. I get several trips abroad in this period but they’re all to Norway (to where I head once more, tomorrow), Russia, the Netherlands – you won’t be seeing any winter warmth.

This picture was the only really interesting thing to happen today but is deceiving. The flood has been caused not by rain but by water flooding out (literally) from a burst mains pipe and drowning the road.

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