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Return to the Picture House

Friday 30th October 2020, 7.45pm (day 3,354)

Picture House foyer, 30/10/20

Hebden Bridge’s hundred-year-old Picture House has not featured on the blog in 2020. Flooded (again) on Feb. 9th and then forced to close by the New Fascism — until tonight. Tonight, we could return to support this valuable local resource, see a good film (Saint Maud) and have a glass of wine at our seat. Next week, as we are pressured back into whatever the hell ‘Tier 3’ is being defined as by Our Glorious Leaders, we will still be able to see movies, but not have a glass of wine at our seat. This is the kind of difference that gives me a warm, cosy feeling of safety and respect for authority.

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Rothbury Hotel foyer

Wednesday 27th March 2013, 2.05pm (day 580)

Rothbury foyer, 27/3/13

I am still in Brisbane – 14 days in a row now – but have temporarily forsaken the Kookaburra Inn for this place, the Rothbury apartment hotel on Ann Street. Nice place, but I am sure those are the kind of elevator doors that blood pours through in steaming gouts. I’ve seen The Shining.

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