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Bricks and barbs

Monday 15th January 2018, 4.35pm (day 2,335)

Bricks and barbed wire, 15/1/18

On this day last year I was on my way to Moscow (at 5.20am) whereas five years ago today I was in Nairobi having a rather good cup of coffee. No similar travels this January however. Got to look around the local neighbourhood for inspiration: lousy weather makes even hiking off the agenda. Consider the smudge on the lens artistic license.

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Nutclough Mill (and dead tree)

Sunday 7th January 2018, 11.10am (day 2,327)

Nutclough and dead tree, 7/1/18

I’m still not getting a great distance away from home… at least not this morning.

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A day indoors (thankfully)

Wednesday 13th December 2017, 12.25pm (day 2,302)

Mid-December, 13/12/17

That’s the Christmas tree (such as it is) in situ, but as yet undecorated. Outside it’s the kind of weather that makes one very glad this was scheduled as a day indoors. Even then I pulled a ten-hour day. It’s mid-December, for sure. May it pass quickly.

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Top entrance, Nutclough Mill

Thursday 7th September 2017, 12.20am (day 2,205)

Nutclough entrance, 7/9/17

Once again, not an exciting shot, but Thursday was not an exciting day. Indeed, so uneventful was it that this is in fact a mild curiosity, a shot taken just after midnight on what therefore still amounts to the day before. Still counts though, making this the second-earliest shot ever on the blog: only the one in Bergen on 27/9/14 (12.10am) beats it.

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Nutclough castle

Friday 14th October 2016, 4.50pm (day 1,877)

Nutclough castle, 14/10/16

This shot is taken not twenty yards from my house, but I think it sustains a suitably Eastern European feeling. Particularly with the bats — or whatever — circling ominously above.

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Working outside (unlike me)

Thursday 14th July 2016, 10.45am (day 1,785)

On the roof, 14/7/16

I committed to spending the whole day in, working at home, and it turned out to be the nicest weather in some time. Ah well. This guy, at least, got to do some work outside today, up on the roof of the Nutclough Mill.

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Hunter over Hebden Bridge

Monday 14th March 2016, 9.10pm (day 1,663)

Orion over Hebden, 14/3/16

Well aware that this ain’t gonna win any astrophotography contests — its technical defects epitomised by the fact that the moon is (you can easily check) still nine days from full, but the crescent hasn’t come out here. But having spent the whole day indoors this really was a slow day for material, and with Orion striding over the town tonight in defiance of the usual light pollution I thought I would give it a go at making it the first recognisable constellation to appear on the blog.

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A new chilli

Tuesday 9th February 2016, 12.20pm (day 1,629)

New chilli, 9/2/16

Most of 2016 so far has been two things — firstly, lacking in any light (so few sunny days…), and second, very housebound, which this picture in its way is intended to represent. However, the latter limitation, at least, is about to change, with it being quite feasible that over the next four weeks only three pictures will have to be taken in Hebden Bridge. The weather…. well, I can be less sure about that.

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Dusk view from my house (too early!)

Tuesday 27th October 2015, 5.15pm (day 1,524)

HB dusk view, 27/10/15

A dull day today in every sense. Damp grey weather in Hebden Bridge and I spent almost the whole day indoors, teaching online. So there was little to inspire the photography. This shot has little artistic merit I know, but I chose it to show how, now the clocks have gone back, it’s getting dark well early — and there’s much more darkness to come of course, before the year turns.

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Evening view over Hebden Bridge

Monday 22nd June 2015, 7.30pm (day 1,397)

View from house, 22/6/15

Another day where the weather can politely be described as ‘mixed’. But at least this evening burst of sun brought dramatic light for a time.  Today brings to an end what has been (for me) a relatively long period at home, but the next ten days see me mostly elsewhere.

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