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Odd jobs around the house

Thursday 23rd July 2020, 1.30pm (day 3,255)

On Unity Street, 23/7/20

I too was having a day doing things around the house, but definitely do not share this guy’s head for heights.

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Last day of peace

Thursday 12th September 2019, 2.55pm (day 2,940)

Marquee rises, 12/9/19

This will be the last day for a while I see the Manchester campus in any form of peaceful state. The erection of this marquee today is just one sign that from the next time I’m there, on Tuesday, there will be people. Thousands upon thousands of them.

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Building works

Thursday 19th May 2016, 8.40am (day 1,729)

Renovations, 19/5/16

There are many buildings in Hebden Bridge still in some state of repair or other following the Boxing Day disaster, though to be strict about it, this place — the old Hole in the Wall pub (last pictured fulfilling that role some time in November 2012) — was being rebuilt months before that happened. Still some way to go too, if this sneaky look inside is anything to go by.

A sign of the utter uneventfulness of my day — this was a photowhack, the one and only picture I took today.

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