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The turf roof, finished

Wednesday 16th July 2014, 9.15am (day 1,056)

Turf roof, 16/7/14

Poor photographic pickings today as I was working at home all day, and it wasn’t sunny. This deserves documenting however — the finished turf roof on the Calrec Audio extension below our house. It took them a while to get it done, but at least it is now complete.

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Nutclough Mill

Wednesday 4th December 2013, 11.00am (day 832)

Extension, 4/12/13

Neither of the last two days’ photos have much claim to be in focus, so I hope this one is better. The Mill extension continues to rise, and at some point, hey, we might even get the turf roof they’ve promised. Or perhaps they’ve forgotten. I mean, it’s so in character as it stands at the moment.

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Nutclough Mill and Hebden Water

Friday 22nd November 2013, 4.25pm (day 820)

Nutclough Mill, 22/11/13

A definite ‘Thank God it’s Friday’ day and also ‘thank God I was not commuting into Manchester’ after the last two days (I won’t bore you with the details). Those working in Calrec Audio as dusk fell this Friday may or may not have felt their own version of the same emotions.

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Up it goes

Tuesday 24th September, 2.50pm (day 761)

Girders, 24/9/13

These girders have been erected over the last two weeks by the unexpectedly large object. They are the skeleton of a new extension being built below our house by the owners of the Nutclough Mill, a building you have seen several times before but which will be irrevocably changed by this project. Is this a good thing? Ask us when it’s finished.

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Unexpectedly large object

Wednesday 11th September 2013, 2.05pm (day 748)

Crane, Calrec, 11/9/13

Now that’s something I don’t see out the back window of my house every day. Hence, it gets recorded on the blog. On days working (marking) at home, seeing something new is what keeps it going. The building work has been going on down there for some weeks now, but this was distinctive enough to be worth devoting a day’s photo.

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Calrec Audio, entrance

Monday 17th September 2012, 9.25am (day 389)

Calrec trees, 17/9/12

Was determined to hide at home today, as it’s the day the students get back; and had, in fact, the perfect plan – to spend hours having the first session for my new tattoo. But that had to be cancelled because the tattooist was ill. So I had suddenly to get creative in various ways, including with the daily picture. This was my best effort – the entrance to the car park of the factory below our house (you’ve seen it before). I kinda like it because for once, the spurts of flare on the image can mostly be disguised.

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